Friday, August 15, 2008

Anything Not Olympics

More comparisons below

Time Out, Time out, Time Out......I have been neglecting all facets of basketball since the Beijing Games have rolled around. So what I have done is searched other blogs to find out what is happening in the world of basketball outside of the Olympics. Enjoy!

First up is a karaoke challenge that new Los Angles Clippers point guard Baron Davis has sent out.

I know my limitations, that's why I went with the Steve Nash free throw challenge and not the Davis challenge. I know some of my regular readers rate themselves in the singing stakes (DJ Rod), so here is your chance to "bring the house down".Ah well this whole idea of not mentioning the Olympics didn't last too long. Blogger Basketbawful lets us know that "Redeem Teamer" Jason Kidd and NBA Commissoner David Stern will not be seeing eye to eye any time soon. Quite an entertaining read when you check out the links as well.

My next stop was by Passion and Pride. It has an article and you tube video of 76ers Andre Miller on World B Free. I'm always interested in seeing what current and former players have to say about each other. It is a great piece of footage showing what Free's game was about. As I watched I could not stop thinking that teammate Michael Cedar is the NBL version of World B Free. Maybe a little stretch but I'm trying to educate the young guys on some basketball history.

Since I'm educating the younger members of my team (Townsville Crocodiles) lets get sidetracked for a minute and come up with some comparisons.

The Crocs Young Australian Player is Steve Broome. This kid from Logan can jump out of the gym. He is a guy that could hurt himself he is so athletic. My NBA comparison is Kenny "Sky" Walker. (enjoy this blast from the past)

Another youngster who has a bright future if he can remain healthy is man mountain Steve Costanzo. The Townsville local is a load down low. When I referred to him as Bryant Reeves the other day, he was perplexed.

While I'm on a roll I better include Russell Hinder and his NBA likeness. (He just needs a duck tail or beard now!)

A must see for all Dwayne Wade fans. Thanks to Docksquad Sports they have a piece named Who Made You - DWade. Well worth a look.

Last but not least, there is this video footage of DeShawn Stevenson. What is this? Please explain.

Well I have to admit, not one of my better efforts but I'm sure you will find something there that entertains you.

Tomorrow it will be back to the Olympics and the Australian Boomers crucial game against Russia.


mookie said...

That DeShawn Stevenson clip was somewhere between awful and horrible.

DS and Arenas need to stick to concentrating on ball and give all of this other stuff a miss!

djrod said...

at least learn the words to the song!!!

And does he have a poster of himself on the wall??? WOW

I thinking about recording Ice Ice Baby for the BDiddy Challenge. Just getting the choreography right.