Monday, June 1, 2009

Your Chance To Fire Away

It's just over 24hrs before Rod and I put together another terrific podcast.

This is where you, the listener, come into it.

We are thinking if there is enough interest we will do a Q&A about my current basketball situation. We are still tossing up about a video format this week.

So, to get involved e-mail your question to and Rod will hit me with the question.


Anonymous said...

Please ask every1 "do they really want this show to continue?", i cant stand DJ Rods voice. I was hopeing now that JR has gone that its the end of the OT 4 ever.

Heres all the latest news discussed on the T.O. (a BETTER basketball show with no nerdy and geeky voices)

Anonymous said...

Turn it up! You even ripped of my idea for a name (The TO) and their idea calling it the 'Shawn Dennis edition' because it is number four.

I am hoping that the OT will keep on going

mookie said...

A video interview style podcast sounds good, JR.

Eric said...

JR - what do you think about the Melbourne Victory branching into other sports? Sounds like basketball is a target for them:,8659,25564021-23769,00.html?from=public_rss
Like the European model where there is a central club with multiple interests - typically soccer and basketball in that case.

Anonymous said...

JR how about the fact that you should retire like Ben Melmeth? Go out somewhat on top of your game.. Leave us with good memories

Jackie Um-Ma said...

To hell with that JR. Too long dead. Play as long as you can mate.