Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Early Morning Quick Hitter

Ricky Rubio is hungry for the NBA but his Spanish club team is not feeling so charitable.

- It seems that potential top five NBA draft pick Ricky Rubio and his Spanish club DKV Joventut cannot come to an amicable buyout. I'm sure we will hear more about this as the NBA Draft draws closer.

- Expect to see both Chris Anstey and former villain Mark Worthington officially sign with the Melbourne Tigers today.

- Swingman Brad Williamson has re-signed with the Townsville Crocodiles.

- It's official, the Adelaide 36ers have changed ownership.

- Brock Motum in line for award.

1989 @ It's Best


Gaff said...

Classic vid.

Highlight for me was the mullets. Longley, Bradtke and Heal's mullets were by far the best.

ClintDogg said...
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ClintDogg said...


Now thats what im talkin bout!.

Gaze is wearing #11, I always thought he did at 1st (this footage confirms it/i was fully tripping out about this hey cause i knew he did) when he 1st came out 4 the Boomers, not the usual #10, who wore #10?.

Anonymous said...

The Aussies running the shuffle to perfection in an all star game!!!!! Wow.

Eric said...

Clintdogg, it's a good question. This was the lineup with the numbers I'm pretty sure they were wearing for the '88 games.....There are only two players missing numbers here so not sure if Dalton or Sibley (injured and didn't play) wore 10. Seems strange though that Gaze would not wear 10 early on as he wore it all his career (including @ Seton Hall), I don't know why....

Phil Smyth, 6
Darryl Pearce, 4
Robert Sibley,
Larry Sengstock,7
Damian Keogh, 8
Wayne Carroll, 9
Luc Longley, 13
Andrew Gaze, 11
Mark Bradtke, 12
Brad Dalton,
Andrew Vlahov,14
Ray Borner, 15

David Graham was not on the 88 team and he wore 5 (from the tape) and Mike McKay wasn't on the team in 1988 and he didn't wear 10 either. Maybe Gaze wore 11 in tribute of someone?

blinq said...

i think ricky deserves to be in nba... he work so hard for it... live the video post, reminds me of mullet days ^^