Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mills & Boomers - Not Quite A Romance Novel

James Harvey leads the way as the Boomers complete the beep test.

- The Australian Boomers have assembled in Canberra for the first time under new Head Coach Brett Brown.

It seems that Day 1 of the camp was dedicated to fitness testing and veteran James Harvey (Gold Coast Blaze) proved that experience does count. He went on to out last Adelaide 36ers Jacob Holmes to take out the beep test.

For those who do not know, the beep test is about endurance but picking up the pace every minute you run.

Having seen Harvey perform in this test before, it does not surprise me that he won this event. Plus I believe James will be on a mission to prove himself at the international level.

What scares me though is where are the young up and coming youth of Australian basketball. Holmes is no slouch in this race either but surely some "rookie" would have seen some value in performing well in this event.

Winning the beep test certainly would have captured Brett Brown's attention early in the camp.

*** This just in from Oscar Forman. Thanks Twitter.

"Boomers camp going well, body is so sore. 5 sessions down, 3 to go. Enjoying the learning and training. The AIS rooms & food, not so much."

- Ever wondered how Boomers Coach Brett Brown arrived in Australia back in the 80's? We have AT&T to thank.

- Dual Olympian Jason Smith retires.

I think this will be the first of a few of these situations to happen before the NBL's 2009/10 season begins.

It is a shame that it has come to this as there is no doubting Smith would have helped out any number of rosters around the league.

All the best at MacQuarie Bank.

- Boomer squad member Nathan Herbert is "optimistic" he will be part of the national competition next season.

- Buzzer beater sees Nelson Giants through to final in the NZNBL.

- Waikato Pistons will join the Giants in the NZNBL Final.

- "I'm just disappointed that I still had a year to go on my contract and that after nine years, nobody called me and I found out from somewhere else."

Former Melbourne Tiger Stephen Hoare's words to Herald Sun's Grantley Bernard.

- Hoare's former teammates in David Barlow and Luke Kendall are signed by the Melbourne Tigers.

- Shane McDonald to the Wollongong Hawks?

- St Louis Billikens bound Cody Ellis "to follow in father's footsteps".

- "I'm still trying to get as many workouts in as I can to try to prove myself to the teams and put myself in the best possible position."

Pat Mills talking to the Herald Sun about his upcoming workouts before the NBA Draft on Friday (USA time).

- AJ Price of UConn has his knockers but his agent Jeff Schwartz puts forward a compelling argument. Who gets drafted first, Price or Mills?

- Toronto Raptor Nathan Jawai returns home to see family.

- Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer has Pat Mills at 28 in his depth chart.

- Ever wondered what your boss got up to on the weekend? Well, thanks to Twitter I can let the Perth Wildcat fans know that their CEO Nick Marvin was laying an egg over his two day break.

" Spent the weekend in the garden building a chook run - here's to some organic eggs"

Good luck with the chicken business Nick. Maybe give the original "chicken farmer" John Dorge a call for some tips.


Eric said...

Some great links JR. I especially enjoyed the article on Jawai which contained some curious wording: "He top scored for the All-Star team with 25 points which may have included some spectacular dunks as well".

So, did he actually dunk the ball or not?

Anonymous said...

I see Gazey in the background already in Brown's ear :)

GREAT point about the rookies btw

Mattcalf said...

all that talk about the beep test and you dont even let us know what level harvey got to?

Anonymous said...

Who cares what level harvey got too.

Whats this about Pat Mills & Boomers - Not Quite A Romance Novel?.

John Rillie said...

Mills & Boomers..a play on words from the Mills & Boons romance novels. They are a favourite of DJ Rod's.

John Rillie said...


Great pick up. Are you an English major?