Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NBA Draft Top 5

Let's hope the NBA Commissioner does not forget which Griffin to announce first.

The NBA Draft is less than forty eight hours away so I thought it was time for me to pen my thoughts on the top 5 picks.

Here goes and I'd love to hear your thoughts at the end.

#1 - LA Clippers Everyone will fall over if Oklahoma's Blake Griffin is not selected here. (It would be good value if David Stern let Taylor Griffin's name slip in here.) Griffin is already counting the cash associated with being the top pick but can he turn the unfortunate Clippers around.

He will help but a motivated Baron Davis is the key here. Davis can make Griffin's transition to the pros a little easier if he is on top of his game and can get along with Coach Mike Dunleavy.

No rookie is coming into the Western Conference and leading his team to immediate success. Even a manchild power forward. One night it's Tim Duncan, then A'mare Stoudamire, next is Dirk and the list goes on.

Luckily for the Clippers, they are getting a guy that will help their cause. The cupboard is not completely bare for LA's other team but can they all just get along?

#2 - Memphis Grizzles If in doubt go for a big man, so UConn's Hasheem Thabeet will be called next by David Stern.

Thabeet reminds me a lot of Portland's Greg Oden. His best asset right now is defense and rebounding but needs polish on his offensive game.

I watched Thabeet at the Sweet Sixteen where UConn was defeated by Missouri and too many times he was just muscled off the block. This meant he was taking some unbalanced forced shots.

If he can develop a solid face up game on the block he will become a tough cover in years to come at the offensive end.

#3 - Oklahoma City Thunder Taking a punt here and saying they will draft the Spaniard Ricky Rubio but he will be shipped off to Minnesota in exchange for ASU's James Harden.

So when that happens Harden will become a great fit for what the Thunder are trying to achieve.

Russell Westbrook is adamant that he is a point guard so Harden would slide nicely into the two spot. Although in some circles Harden's athleticism is being questioned, the guy is a player. The Pac-10 tried to stop him all season and had no success in slowing the lefty.

I'm looking for the Thunder to improve greatly this upcoming season as their previous draft picks begin to mature.

#4 - Sacramento Kings They need a point guard to run and control the show. Johnny Flynn is someone they will think about but I believe the Kings have fallen in love with Tyreke Evans.

In a recent workout against many of the guys competing for the same spot, Evans was too big, too strong to handle and contain getting to the rack.

Where I question Evan's game is what will be his best position in the League? It will take some time for the former Memphis Tiger to find his groove in the NBA.

#5 - Minnesota Timberwolves via the Washington Wizards As I mentioned above, James Harden and Ricky Rubio will be part of a draft day trade, which means Rubio is headed to the Great Lakes area.

With Randy Foye heading to Washington I'm guessing the T-Wolves are ready to let the Pistol Pete like point from Spain come in and do his thing. (Providing the T-Wolves can agree to a buyout price with Rubio's Spanish club team.)

The people of Minnesota need to be entertained if they are going to leave their house during winter so a few Rubio to Jefferson highlight plays may just do the trick.

Don't expect the world from Rubio, immediately. Please remember he is only 18yo and is in the Western Conference.

Time will tell if the hype has been all worth it for this young international star.

These are purely just my thoughts, so we will have to wait until Friday to see how on the money my crystal ball was.


Anonymous said...

This was my original 5 before the trade:
1. LAC - Blake Griffith
2. Mem - Hasheem Thabeet
3. OKC - Ricky Rubio
4. Sac - James Harden
5. Was - Jordan Hill

now I'll go with:
1. LAC - Blake Griffith
2. Mem - Hasheem Thabeet
3. OKC - James Harden
4. Sac - Ricky Rubio
5. MIN - Stephen Curry

The trade changes A LOT of things in this draft IMO

Brett said...

Yea that looks about right Rod

But I have the same feeling about Rubio as you JR, its going to take him some time to adjust.. I just dont know how he can be dropped into a NBA team and expected to run it, it could crack him

Anonymous said...

he has been running his team in the Euroleague since he was 15... he has been running the Spanish team for 3 years... why can't he?

Anonymous said...

Sources suggesting Sac have ruled out drafting Rubio and are focused on getting guards Tyreke
Evans and Jonny Flynm

Could Minny then get Rubio at 5, and Curry at 6?

That would be a super draft for them

Anonymous said...

Rubio was sick for both days during his workouts with Sac - missed a few meetings with owners as well

They worked out Flynn, Jennings and Evans together and Flynn came up trumps by the sounds of it.

What a draft it would be for Minnesota if that is true!

John Rillie said...


You have run the point for Bounces ('Ville club team) since the age of 4. How would you go running the point for the Melbourne Tigers?

Anonymous said...

Well I'm thinking I could be the next Back Up PG for the BOOMERS!!!

John Rillie said...

haha..good response

Red said...

rod hasnt been at bouncers since 4... he was a girl and played for cannons!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm a convert - would you believe i played 1 year in a Hyats uniform when i was 7?

also played for phoenix, blackstars and giants - still trying to forget that!