Friday, June 26, 2009

Hoare A Croc

"Sneaky" Steve Hoare will be bringing his game to the north.

The Townsville Crocodiles will announce the signing of their eighth player in the near future. It will be former Melbourne Tigers forward Stephen Hoare.

Not sure when this will become official because it is a public holiday on Monday in the north.

Hoare become a target of the Crocs once his former Tiger teammate Tommy Greer backflipped on the Crocs and headed back to the Tigers.

Hoare will join Russell Hinder and Jeff Dowdell in the front court. The question now is, does this mean the end of Rosell Ellis with the Crocs as they have no true centre on their roster at present?


ClintDogg said...

Great signing. Alot better value than a John Rillie or Daniel Egan.

Good work Crocs great signing.

Anonymous said...

A good upgrade in that back up position