Saturday, June 20, 2009

"The OT" - Episode 33

"The OT" is ready for your listening pleasure.

In Episode 33 we roll with two interviews and no jibbering from the peanut gallery.

First, Rod and I do our best to hit Basketball Australia CEO Larry Sengstock with the tough questions. Larry nearly spills the beans on what the television deal with Fox Sports will entail. Also, we question him on some of the current rules that may be restricting players from gaining a contract. He also clears up some of the questions regarding the rule changes happening in this year's NBL.

Back by demand, we entice Paul Rees away from the dairy farm for a few minutes. He enlightens us on a few relationships he had with opposition players as well as teammates.

Let "The OT" know what you thought of this format, where we just had the interviews.
Hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Having a bit of trouble connecting to Episode 33, not sure if it is at my end or yours.

Anonymous said...

This is just pure garbage.

Mumble mumble bable bable.

Anonymous said...

What's a bable? Idiot......go away