Monday, June 1, 2009

Superman Beats The King & Sir Charles @ It Again

Superman got passed the King, but up next Kobe.

Here are a few links to get you through breakfast. What am I doing up this early?

- A-League franchise and current champions the Melbourne Victory are looking to expand into basketball?

- Adelaide 36ers license transfer is a done deal.

- The New Zealand National Basketball League has its six teams for this season's playoffs.

- Tell'em their dreamin. Melbourne Tigers Chris Anstey comments on the chances of both Joe Ingles and Mark Worthington joining him at the Tigers.

- RotoRob has Aussie Pat Mills going as high as thirteen to the Indiana Pacers in this year's NBA Draft.

- Orlando Magic have have advanced to the NBA Finals for the first time in 14 years. They comfortably defeated the Cleveland LeBrons 4-2.

- "Big Ben" Wallace is thinking of retirement.

- Eddie Jordan has been introduced as the new Philadelphia 76ers head coach.

- Top 5 European Draft Prospects

Sunday Conversation with Dwight Howard

Sir Charles is at it again. Refers to Kenny Smith as a 'numbnut" and his producer a "p***y"!


Eric said...

Can anyone believe Horan would write an article full of such rubbish as the Ingles, Worthington to Tigers piece? Just how inattentive can basketball writers in Australia continue to prove they are? Ingles said as much on the OT weeks ago that the NBL was pretty much not an option, it's the NBA or Europe. Obviously no research went into this.

Do you think if a writer made up this rubbish for AFL or NRL it would just go through to the keeper like it does with NBL related news?

Anonymous said...

It's almost a given now that any NBL piece has no research and always has a players' name misspelt!

That is another area the NewNBL has to improve... it's relationship with the print media.

Anonymous said...

Another area where there can be improvement, i cant stand Rods voice. I was hopeing nopw that JR has gone that its the end of the OT 4 ever.

Heres all the latest news discussed on the T.O. (a better basketball show)

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg everyone knows it's you so just post under your own name instead of anonymous, or slim shady or Dj Dudd. Your show wont even get 100 views unless its you watching them over and over. BET THAT

mookie said...

Agreed, Rod. Actually I really think that relationship with the media would be one of THE biggest things that should be improved upon. That is one of the things which I think was instrumental in the slowdown in popularity of the sport -- all types of coverage (print, internet and tv) need to be up to the standard the public demands in other sports. People can't be bothered following a sport if they have to do too much work to keep up with it.

Anonymous said...

btw - since when is Jingles a European prospect?

Eric said...

I guess you'd have to assume that once the NBA draft washes out that will then become the next option. If Brandon Jennings can get a gig as a high schooler, come on now....Ingles has a place over there surely.

Anonymous said...

Umm how can you compare Ingles to Jennings...
Jennings played ok, yes just ok in the EURO LEAGUE. As for Ingles he struggled all year long in the mighty NBL. I will put money down now tht jennings will have a better career than Ingles, whether in Europe or the NBA. Ingles is far behind NBA level, and if he is taken in the draft he will be a project and will be packing his bags to Europe, or the NBDL.

Eric said...

Rod, I think it's a given he's a Euro prospect - he said so on your show that's his first option if the NBA doesn't pan out!

Anon, you actually completely agree with me if you re-read my post, so I don't quite know what your point is. Jennings started out pretty bloody awfully in Europe, 5 points, two assists 1.5 turnovers in 15 minutes. I would think Ingles could produce AT LEAST those numbers in Europe given the same opportunity - which you'd have to think is his most likely option at this stage.

Anonymous said...

nah i was having a go at the author of the article JR had a link to on his site... top 5 euro players in the draft - Jingy got a mention in the article.

Maybe they think Australia is in Europe

Eric said...

Ahh no worries, my mistake