Thursday, June 25, 2009

News, Notes & New Logo

Less than twenty fours hours until we know whether Australia has once again contributed to the product we know as the NBA.

Pat Mills will be the first Aussie name we hear tomorrow. My gut is telling me if Mills goes in the first round it will be at nineteen to the Atlanta Hawks. If the Hawks roll with someone else, Mills will slip into the second round.

Joe Ingles has been very solid while on his NBA workout tour over the past six weeks. Although Eurocamp was not his best showing, Ingles has done enough to be called in the second round.

I'm trying to find out if there is any truth to the rumour that Mills and Ingles are hosting a joint Draft Party. The menu will be two items deep, vegemite sandwiches and Foster's.

Other Aussies you may hear about on the day are Aron Baynes (WSU) and Luke Nevill (Utah).

Both are interior players who will find themselves on a Summer League roster but have they done enough to sneak into the second round? I'm saying no but I still believe Nevill will find a home in the NBA.

Not since the 1997 draft has Australia had multiple players select in a draft.


- Big news. Shaquille O'Neil has been traded to the Cleveland LeBrons. Will the Cavs regain their old nickname back now with O'Neil relocating?

- Toronto Raptor Nathan Jawai headlines the Australian Boomers team.

As weak as the Boomers team is looking, the Chinese team will be undermanned as well. Both of their NBA players Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian will be missing during these two games against the Aussies.

Los Angles Lakers guard Sun Yue will suit up against the green and gold.

China to win 2-0 thanks to their three little helpers at home.

- The NBL is to remain as the NBL.

- Larry Sengstock hinted about the television deal on "The OT". It seems we are only days away from hearing a formal announcement.

- Hope your sitting down when you read this announcement. Glen Saville signs with the Wollongong Hawks.

- This is past rumour status if you ask me. Dave Thomas to play for the Sheep Shaggers (New Zealand Breakers).

- Ever wondered what happened to former NBA player Sam Vincent? He is coaching the Jamacian national team.

- Rogers, Cattalini and Wagstaff sign with the Perth Wildcats.

- NBA aspirant Joe Ingles is just waiting for his name to be called, now.

- Phill Jones named MVP of the NZNBL.

- Q&A with Marty Clarke.


Eric said...

Seeing this is a family friendly site, wouldn't it be more appropriate to say "Sheep Lovers"?

ClintDogg said...

Aron Baynes (WSU) and Luke Nevill (Utah) r nobodys?..

Who are they and where do they come from?. Lets hope these "nobodys" dont get selected and give our country a bad name.

mookie said...

"A family friendly site", Eric? How can it be when it's got JR's mug plastered all over it!

Eric said...

Yeah good point ;)