Thursday, June 4, 2009

No OT This Week But More Mills

I can tell you this week's OT sounded like this is where we recorded. Not the case but that is where it ended up.

I have had a few e-mails today asking why is this week's "The OT" so late.

The true story is Rod and I huddled around the card table like we do every Tuesday night and we jibbered on and on and on. Once it was a wrap we figured it was only hours till it would be launched.

Unfortunately due to recording difficulties the audio sounded as if we where recording it inside a public toilet.

So since we are more about providing a quality product, an executive decision was made to scrap this week's episode and resume once again next week.

I apologize to all listeners who's highlight of the week is "The OT".

Pat Mills Pre Draft Workout @ the Warriors

1 comment:

ClintDogg said...

THANK GOD there's NO OT this week.

My prayers have been answered.