Monday, June 22, 2009

Mills, Ingles Interview & More On The Beep Test

Aussie and now former St Mary's Gael point guard Pat Mills talks about why he left Moraga for the greener pastures of the pro game.

The latest from Joe Ingles.

- Yesterday I posted about James Harvey winning the beep test at the Boomers camp. Many a fan out there contacted me asking about the result/level that Harvey reached.

I can tell you that the event started at level 10 (think of Aaron Trahair at full pace with this level). Coach Brett Brown threw 20 minutes up on the clock and you keep on running until you could not keep pace with the beep test.

Harvey lasted until there was 7min 50sec left on the clock. This would have been a cracking pace by the time he finished. With this test, the pace increases after every minute.

My source tells me that Harvey and Holmes were well in front of the rest of the pack.


ClintDogg said...


If you dont know what a beep test is, get of fthe couch and stop watching Fox sports all day drinking Coke and eating Chips.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff from Harvey - the guy has a scorers mentality which is something that is lacking from these Boomers

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear who made it!

Anonymous said...

So how many games do you win at Olympics & World Championships by being the best at the Beep Test! Doesn't mean a thing in International Basketball.