Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something Here For Everyone

I have actually been somewhat busy today (I give away free stuff for a local radio station here in Townsville of a morning) so I will have installed plenty of links to service your basketball needs for now.

There are plenty of NBL updates and lots of movement in the USA regarding the upcoming NBA Draft.

Sit back, click and enjoy!

- New Orleans Hornets Head Coach Byron Scott on Pat Mills, "He's a competitor." "He can flat out put it up. He can score. He's a hell of a player."

- Everyone's favourite basketballing son, Daniel Joyce is happy to be back in Wollongong and looking forward to the Australian Boomers camp.

- "The Man" Anthony Mundine is doing his bit to help out through hoops.

- Australian Boomer squad member Cameron Tragardh is showing he is still "The King" of ABA.

- Former South Dragon Nathan Herbert is looking forward to Boomers camp.

My question is, who isn't because everyone must think they have a shot of making the team?

- Oregon State Beaver bound Angus Brandt returns home to the Blue Mountains before heading into Pac-10 battle.

- Darryl Corletto turns his back on England and re-signs with the Melbourne Tigers along with Nicholls State graduate Ryan Bathie.

- James Harvey is set to re-sign with the Gold Coast Blaze.

- Basketball Australia gets $300k from government.

- Luke Whitehead wants to keep playing on the Gold Coast, but the American import is not getting any love in return right now.

- The Perth Wildcats organisation are offering prizes to their season ticket members if they sign up early.

- Townsville Crocodile Michael Cedar is the latest to be added to the long list of Boomer squad members.

- Townsville Crocodiles re-sign Cameron Tovey and Kelvin Robertson.

- There is talk of Chicago Bull free agent Ben Gordon asking for $11 million per season. Teams are hoping that this does not become true, otherwise it will be an expensive off-season for some teams.

- Thanks to Kevin Love and his Twitter ability, he let the world know that Kevin McHale will not be coaching the Minnesota Timberwolves next season.

You can find me on Twitter @johnrillie.

- Toronto Raptor Nathan Jawai is ready to slip into the "Green and Gold".

- ESPN's Chad Ford has delivered his Mock Draft Edition 5 and there is no sign of Pat Mills in the first round. Does Ford know what he's talking about?

- Alonzo Mourning has school named after him.

- Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy beaten in prison?

- The MVP Nike Puppets are back for maybe the last time this season. This is for all the Kobe haters.


ClintDogg said...

LOL @ Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy beaten in prison! (DONT BE TOO MUCH OF A DICKHEAD, IT WILL CATCH UP TO YOU ONEDAY). hahahaha.

Get Mundine tha hell away from our sport of Basketball, hes a total tool.

Anonymous said...

Your a tool, will you go away?

Anonymous said...

Oh and will you challenge Mudine to a street fight to find out who has the best show? haha monkey brains

Anonymous said...

u would know all about prison wouldnt u clint.

Martin said...

Dear Toowoomba,

Please win a game. Men or women's I don't particulary care....but please, just one.

Trevor B Jackson said...

Glad I stumbled across this blog.
Some great stuff here JR.