Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boomers Team, NBL & Tiny At Discos

- Basketball Australia - “The players selected displayed a combination of physical grunt and skill on a daily basis during the camp and I’m looking forward to getting on the road with the team and seeing the same effort and intensity in a game situation,” Head Coach Brett Brown said.

The announcement of the Australian Boomers team is still fresh in my mind but I wish to take some time to digest it all before I make a comment on this very diluted national team.

In the meantime here are some audio grabs from the camp in Canberra.

- Head Coach Brett Brown
- Nathan Jawai
- Pat Mills (from USA)
- James Harvey

- wwos.com.au - "I've been given the all clear now from doctors, so I'm thrilled I can continue playing basketball at the highest level with the Tigers," Sam Mackinnon said.

With a healthy Sam MacKinnon lining up for the Melbourne Tigers it really does not matter who they sign at the point guard spot.

I'm not being disrespectful to any incoming point guard (I'll guess Nathan Crosswell and already signed Luke Kendall) but MacKinnon, when healthy, is one of the best creators in the game.

Chris Anstey, Mark Worthington and David Barlow will be hoping that MacKinnon has shaken his much documented health issues so they can be the recipients of his playmaking abilities.

I'm guessing with this signing the Tigers will start the season as title favourites.

- Adelaide Advertiser - "I've got a decent outside shot and I'm a bit more mobile running up and down the floor with my athleticism" said new Adelaide 36ers signing Matt Burston.

The NBL is short on big men but I think Burston is being a little kind to himself talking about his perimeter game and athleticism.

I'm sure Coach Scott Ninnis would have preferred to be hearing about rebounding and a low post prescence from his newly signed big man.

- Illawarra Mercury - "I'm (Glen Saville) not quite ready to make an announcement yet, but we're definitely getting closer. There's still one or two minor things that my agent (Geoff McGuire) is sorting out, but it's nothing that's going to be a deal breaker."

My question to "Sav", if they are not deal breakers, why haven't you signed yet?

- Sacramento Kings taking a long look at Pat Mills?

- NBA FanHouse feels Mills is not getting the hype he deserves leading into this week's NBA Draft.

- Keith Langlois who covers the Detroit Pistons thinks Joe Ingles "could develop into a Hedo Turkoglu type" of player.

I'm sure Joe can live with that considering Hedo will be receiving a contract in the $10mil/year range this offseason.

- Who would have thought Kendall "Tiny" Pinder loved discos. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with the Sydney Supersonics. Also, check out a young John Harker with no Nappy San in sight.


Isaac said...

Burston was talking about the differences between his game and that of Luke Schenscher. Given that, it's probably fair to point out his outside game and mobility in comparison!

Eric said...

JR - Are Tiny Pinder jokes off limits here?

Anonymous said...

heres a clip 4 u jr

Ashley said...

Please tell me that Tiny Pinder jokes aren't offline. Go to the 2:45 mark and watch Pinder doing the one arm 'Peck Dec" stuff. He was awesome in his time.

John Rillie said...

Good for it I say. If you get carried away too much I will just delete.

John Rillie said...


I understand your point but come on. The guy has one healthy season and he thinks he's amare stoudamire now?

Eric said...

Discos were not the only thing Tiny "Loved"

Anonymous said...

On the video, they asy Derek "dot" Pinder?.

And they also said his name was Derek "dot" Polka?.

It was Derek "dot" Polk.

Anonymous said...