Thursday, June 18, 2009

Luke Whitehead - Frisco 2 Da Ville & Gold Coast

While the finishing touches get put on episode 33 of "The OT", I was send this great piece of video footage featuring former Gold Coast Blaze import Luke Whitehead.

The former Louisville Cardinal graduate has shown a flair for his creative side in the music industry but the same cannot be said for former Blaze teammates Scott MacGregor and Tyson Demos.

MacGregor and Demos both have dance cameos (I will use that term loosely) but from my vast knowledge of dancing, I cannot see them breaking into the music/dance video industry any time soon.

I remember talking to Whitehead during the season about his love for music and said I would be more than happy to give him a plug on this website.

Here you go Whitehead, I'm helping spread the word for you from Frisco 2 Da Ville.

I just hope the t-shirt is in the mail now but I heard Rev Run (Run DMC) is looking to get his (rope) chain back.


Anonymous said...

agreed. MacGregor & Demos TERRIBLE

Anonymous said...

it looked like at one stage MacGregor looked down to check out L-Dubb's ass :)

Homicide said...

that was the gayest shit ever....

Rusty said...

Thnx 4 putting that on there JR. Haven't laughed that hard in months!!!!