Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pat, Pero, Paul & The Draw

Joey Wright feels that Pero Cameron will give opposition teams some "food for thought". I too feel like the Kiwi international may surprise a few people this season.
On Friday the NBL released the schedule for the upcoming 2009/10 season.

If you did not already know, each team will play each other four times (2 home, 2 away) for a total of 28 games. Once the regular season is completed the top four teams will advance to the playoffs.

I'm a fan of this format as the regular season has some meaning to it. Over the past few seasons, teams that have had very mediocre season's have been rewarded with a birth in the playoffs.

So congrats to the league office for taking a step in the right direction in creating an exciting regular season. We could truly be seeing worthwhile games right to the death.

I'm sensing a 16-12 record should see you reach the playoffs.

While the NBL has been racing against the clock to get a schedule out, there are two clubs that have already made comment on the draw.

I would love to hear from both Townsville Crocodile and Perth Wildcat fans on their feelings about the draw.

Other News

- Pero Cameron re-signs with the Gold Coast Blaze.

I believe Pero is one player that has really underachieved during his NBL career. He has a skill set that should see him contributing more to his team in a Tony Ronaldson type of way.

In saying that, I'm not sure whether his skills have been utilized the best during his time with the New Zealand Breakers and the Blaze to date.

The questions is, will new Blaze Head Coach Joey Wright be the guy to get the most out of the "Rock"?

No doubt time will tell whether Wright can push the right buttons like former New Zealand National Team Coach Tab Baldwin managed to do.

- Former NBL MVP Paul Rogers has decided to remain with the Perth Wildcats for the upcoming season.

My former teammate at Gonzaga has been battling to overcome a knee and back injury that allowed him to play in only two games last season.

If the former second round draft pick of the Los Angles Lakers is healthy, the Wildcats will be a better lineup.

- The Cairns Taipans will "move on" after missing out on prize recruit Mark Worthington.

- It seems that Matt Burston is going to be the big winner with Luke Schenscher deciding to try his luck overseas.

With the lack of depth in the "big man" department, Burston has been a commodity around the NBL.

Sorry Cairns, but I'm expecting Burston to sign with a team that also is home to a WNBL team.

- A new television deal for the NBL is looking the goods.

- DraftExpress - "In the third game of the day, Patty Mills’ very talented team was blown out almost right from the get-go by Nando De Colo’s very French influenced team. Mills made plenty of shots but really struggled to control the pace of the game from the point guard position, not finishing particularly well around the basket and appearing to settle excessively for outside jumpers. His teammate Joe Ingles had somewhat of a nightmare performance, with just 1 point and 3 turnovers in 30 minutes."

- - "Overall, his (Pat Mills) performance did very little to slow the dropping of his stock and he will need to show more in the next two days if anything is to change."

- This afternoon is was just surfing the net and tweeting (@johnrillie) some light hearted banter to whoever would listen.

After a few tongue in cheek comments I become a guest on a sports talk radio show in Melbourne.

So, if next Sunday between 12pm and 2pm you have nothing else happening, listen into SportzFan. These guys are laid back and easy to listen to as they cover all sports. You can even tweet them a question. Oh, if you miss them, you can download there podcast.

- Depending on who you ask, but most people seem to think my eldest son is a "chip off the old block". So much so he created his own blog over the weekend. Parents, be careful of what you wish for.

- Shaq's beef with Orlando Magic centre Dwight Howard.

- Allen Iverson and Larry Brown to re-unite?

Dwight Howard - vitaminwater AD


Anonymous said...

"each team will play each other four times (2 home, 2 away)" , and "I'm a fan of this format as the regular season" LOL.

Look at JR trying to get back into the league LMAO.

Its such a shame that he wont be a part of this "format".

"So congrats to the league office", sounds like someones brown tonguing.

"I'm sensing" that you need to be in the league 1st.

The league will be much better now without has beens like JR.

ClintDogg said...
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ClintDogg said...
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ClintDogg said...
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ClintDogg said...

Yep, sounds like a full on brown tonguing from JR 2 me hey. Trying to get back in the league now are we?

Why don't ya start by returning peoples e-mails/questions/proposals and that may get you a head start.

Nice to know that YOU JR didn't, and could not accept the little challenge set by me, with a game of 2on2 between myself, you, DJ Rod, and an NBL player of your choice to be on my team (1 NBL player, and 1 NON NBL player on each team, this is only fair), with the loser never to do their radio show ever again (or at least get rid of nerdy DJ Rod).

Looks like the T.O. wins yet again.

Anonymous said...

took 4 takes to say that clint?get a life and piff off

Anonymous said...

If Pero Cameron can still get a job in this league, you won't be unemployed long. In fact I might try out myself.

Anonymous said...

im a wildcats fan. and i was pretty bitter after JR basically beat the wildcats by himself in the finals last season. but one thing that does tell me is that JR is the man no matter what team he is playing at, he would school each and every one of you bad mouthing him claiming this is his way of trying to get back in the league..

But in regards to the draw, 2 home and 2 away is a great idea. see the thing is, the NBL would be much better with more games & more teams. You wonder why teams always fold? obviously because they don't have enough money financially, but the solution is right there infront of them. PUBLICITY & MARKETING. You're not going to pull a crowd if the city doesn't know when the team that represents their city is playing? Put the damn NBL on free to air - like channel one. Put ALL the games on fox sports, heck, people want to watch their team play, win or lose. One thing i don't understand is how netball can get most of their games on free to air tv (channel 1) yet the NBL struggles to keep the league alive?