Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hinder Will Be Crocs First

Happier days are ahead for Russell Hinder and his family (left) as he will become the first Townsville Crocodile player to ink a new deal with the North Queensland franchise.

Look for an early morning (10am) press conference for this news to be officially announced.

In other NBL news, dual NBL championship winning guard Adam Gibson has signed with the Gold Coast Blaze.

Gibson, a current Australian Boomer will rekindle his relationship with former Brisbane Bullet coach Joey Wright.


DJ Rod said...

My new favourite Crocodile!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that the house he was complaining about on the 7-30 report (ABC) a few years ago when he was with the Kings and they were going bust?. Saying "i cant afford my mortgage" and "where will i get the money from to live"?.

What a JOKE that house is in the background of the pic, not worth winging and complaining about on a TV program and being made out to look like a fool.

ClintDogg said...

LMAO my thoughts EXACTLY!.

Anonymous said...

we've seen this inside of your house Clint Dogg - best u be quiet on this subject I'd say!!!

Anonymous said...

Hinder is noob, but Clint Dogg you still got OWNED bad by the chap above my comment hahahahahaha. The T.O. "Priding ourselves (myself) on being the most retarded show to ever grace youtube in a red brick house with a House party DJ as a host"

ClintDogg said...

Umb, sorry 2 disappoint you guys, but i live in a flat.

nice try kids.
post ya real names too next time, don't be shy.

Anonymous said...

So is Clint Dogg your real name mate??