Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're Coming After You TBJ

(Click to enlarge, slightly!)

Sometimes you have to gloat just a little, even if it only lasts for a day.

This website's podcast has slowly but surely been building in its popularity and DJ Rod loves hyping up the stats, especially in comparison to The Basketball Jones (TBJ). Yes guys, you are our measuring stick for some reason.

If you can read the above iTune stats, "The OT" has just snuck ahead of TBJ at the last poll. (Sportal covers many sports so they fudge the stats a little so we ignore them.)

I'm sure JE Skeets and his cast will have some great response to this graph, but as I said, DJ Rod and I will live it up while we can.

Enough of the this banter, time to slip a DVD on for the kids and crack open a bag of chips and a 3 litre Tampico (Aussies don't know what they are missing out on with this fine drop) juice.

The evening session of the NCAA Touney is about to begin.


Anonymous said...

i have only listened to like 1 episode in total, that's gathering up all the 1 min and 30secs until i turn it off from DJ Rods voice.

You should do a video show and stop hiding behind the mic.

Anonymous said...

Echo Echo Echo

seriously move on.

You should stop hiding behind the ANONYMOUS name!

Anonymous said...

hey jr stay up angin till 6am ish,Ben Woodside from North Dakota State Bisondam this kid is good they r callin him the next nash looked very good

Rusty said...

"Stop hinding behind the mic" says anonymous. Ahh the hilarious irony!

Eric said...

Based on the poll to the left I'm guessing Ingles is nominating for the draft. Is this the case?

DJ Dudd said...

yeah i dont think ive even listened to 1 ep in total, i cant stand the nerdy-ness that goes on, when will they learn and stop being so geeky.

p.s. im not hiding ive posted my real name

Anonymous said...

Umm yeah your real name is DJ DUDD?
Post the name on Drivers Licence so you can't hide behind the screen moron.

Cory said...

Keep up the good reporting, love your site......

Mr. H