Monday, March 30, 2009

Influx Of Aussies To Southern Utah

Damon Heuir is heading to Southern Utah.

While Villanova and Connecticut have punched their ticket to the Final Four other Division 1 teams are trying to look under every rock to find another kid that can improve their program and reach the same heights.

Southern Utah has decided (like a few other schools) that Australia may be the place to help propel their program to the next level.

Queenslander Matt Massey has spent the past year red-shirting with the Thunderbirds due to him transferring in from Nova Southeastern.

Another Aussie joining Massey in the Mormon state is Matthew Hodgson. The 6-10 power forward/centre has a huge upside and will be a player in years to come. I saw Hodgson at the recent National U/20's and my feeling is if he keeps developing over the next few years he is the guy with the best chance to crack the NBA out of this age group.

He has only been playing the sport for four years so he is untapped potential.

More on him at a later date though.

I'm here to talk about Townsville junior Damon Heuir.

Heuir has supposedly committed to the Southern Utah program over the past few days.

What the Thunderbirds will get in Heuir is a combo guard that does a little of everything. First and for most he is a penetrater looking to score but has the ability to create for others.

He is not a super athlete but he will more than hold his own when matched up against guys at his position.

If Damon is to command minutes from the start he will need to find consistency in his jumper. He will launch and has the ability to knock down the three but it can become very inconsistent. If this gets rectified in the near future he will become a tough match up in this conference.

He is a guy without a true position but a player. His ballhandling will allow him to help out with the ball carrying duties but is not a game in game out point guard yet.

Why I say yet is Damon needs to figure out if he is to become a point guard or a undersized scoring guard.

Hopefully the Thunderbird coaching staff can help Damon develop into a guy with a true position. Southern Utah are getting a great kid that can develop into someone that can help their program.

All the best Damon.


DJ Dudd said...

LOL at this video, yas r getting very desperate now for stories.

Why don't JR and DJ Rod take on Clint Dogg and another NBL player (at your choice Rod and JR) in a game of 2 on 2, 21, or something?.

The loser gets a FREE punch in the face from the winners. Sounds fair to me.

And he never said he was better than an NBL player. Its a GAME of 2 on 2, he knows he will beat DJ Rod hands down, so they (jr and rod) can choose any NBL player they want 2 be on Clints team, 1 NBL player per team, its only fair. (rod and Clint = non NBL players).

If you don't want 2 play Basketball, why don't you have a DJ remix contest, LIVE DJing too?.

And if that's not suffice, a boxing match, tag team boxing or something real, no jokes?.

I would love to see all that on youtube.

And the loser shuts their mouth 4 GOOD and admits on the end of the video that they are not as good as the winners.

If JR AND DJ ROD wont accept the challenge, it Looks like C-Dogg wins yet again.

Anonymous said...

very good idea DJ Dudd.

i would pay 2 see that.

my bets on the C-Style Team.

Anonymous said...

JR is a professional athlete fools....not a junk yard try hard.

Anonymous said...

How sad is this guy that he writes a post then replies to it as someone else. And that he worships this Clintorus Dooog so much as well. Clint really doesnt like you man, your just the only guy that likes him. Walk away.

Anonymous said...

how many personalities does he have?

Anonymous said...

yeah that last post was cool

Anonymous said...

yeah about 7 different ones...

what a loser

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg is cool.

Anonymous said...

DJ Rod is not.