Thursday, March 12, 2009

Petrie Gives Me A History Lesson

Anthony Petrie made my All-Surprise Team, then he surprised me with a classic e-mail.

I was surprised today when I opened my e-mail and had a current player drop me a line about something I had written a few weeks back. Wollongong Hawk Anthony Petrie left me this little gem of a letter. He is either really bored to have looked up so much stuff on Toowoomba, or a very proud member of the Tenterfield community?

Here is what he said.

"now john i first must admit i am not one for reading up about the game that often. i have other hobbies like boggle and connect four to keep me interested but i have been informed by a close friend that i have made your all surprise team. Thank you very much for this honour i appreciate it. I must however move on to more pressing issues surrounding this selection. I must use one of your quotes "anyone from Tenterfield has done well to get this far." This was hugely crippling for my close friend to read and he struggled at large to tell me what had been said about a town which is widely known as the "Bithplace of our nation." he then moved on and said well where is rillie from? i was nearly too embarrassed to tell him but i finally gave in a said he was from the town that was home of the mountaineers. He said "wasnt that who old POP (Dickerson) used to play for in the tenterfield basketball carnival." i said " poor old POP was the only good thing in the town at that time and felt he needed to come and play in the tenterfield basketball carnival to prove his worth as a ball player." He then said "wasnt that rillie playing in stanthorpe when we were about 6 or 7 years old and everyone said if he played for the tenterfiled rollers he would make it for sure but would struggle to get out of all the pitfalls in toowoomba if he kept going." i replied "thats him." So i also must extend my congratulations to you john for achieveing everything you have in the game. I think you and steven price are the only people ever to make it out of the garden city. When i think about toowoomba i think about the cobb & co museum. i think about the farmers markets the first sunday of every month. i think about abbots antiques and second hand furniture. also who could ever forget there first visit to the danish flower art complex. Also it was hugely disappointing to find out that your slot car centre had finally closed down. Anyway i am sure you are aware of all the great things toowoomba has to offer so i dont need to go any further. But john please take your time to read up about tenterfields rich and proud history and i am sure it will even change your opinion. If nothing else it will educate you further on the history of australia. you are even more than welcome to come and stay a night in tenterfield. But i do suggest that you dont stay at the peter allen inn as you will surely get a bad name for yourself. Anyway John all the best with finally digesting the fact that tenterfield is clearly a more interesting place than toowoomba and anytime the mountaineers want to roll down the highway for a game against the mighty tenterfield rollers it would be a pleasure to show you how a real carnival zone is played during a game and how to best use the amount of fouls you get given at the start of the game."

Yours in tenterfield
Anthony Petrie

I just felt this was too good to let go through to the keeper. I love it, especially when a current player is reading what I'm writing about them.


- Melbourne Tigers have to cough up 10K.

- South Dragons captain Mark Worthington believes his team is going to win it all. I hope he feels that way!

- So many options in Melbourne on Friday night. What would you go and watch live?

- The Sydney Spirit team going to the Philippines just gets better. You need to read to believe. Rob Beveridge will not be the coach of this team as he cannot be in two places at once. He will be coaching the Nike Hoop Summit game.

- One last useless stat about Game 5 of the NBL Finals. Can Sam MacKinnon break his duck as an assistant coach/injured player in a Championship series? MacKinnon had to watch from the bench in 2001 as Townsville lost to Wollongong. Fast forward to 2002 and he did the same for the West Sydney Razorbacks as they lost 2-1 to the adelaide 36ers. Chris Anstey should request for "The Hulk" to stay home.


Anonymous said...

hey jr check out the Chicken video from Abneys new team haha

DJ Rod said...



Anonymous said...

"The Spirit will be bannered by former NBL Most Valuable Player and Sixth Man of the Year awardee Bruce Bolden and will be handled by Rob Beveridge, director of the Australian Institute of Sports.

The exhibition match was made possible through constant communication by the PBA on the Spirit’s marketing manager, Marco Selorio, a Filipino based in Sydney."

lol @ Marco Selorio you're either the best marketer or the biggest spin doctor to these Phillipino folk.

Dodge Taylor said...

Great work from Petrie! I hate to say this JR, but "you got served"! LOL

Anonymous said...

The T.O. prediction of Tigers in 5.....hahahahahhh thats why its called the TO. Maybe you should TO a new leaf and try another trade.

Anonymous said...

Keep ya little personal e-mails 2 yaself, we don't want 2 know how nerdy you all are in the NBL.

OMG what geeks exchanging e-mails like that. What a total waste of time, e-mail space, and my 2mins of scimming thru it.