Tuesday, March 24, 2009

News & Notes

"Hold me back boys. I'm pissed JR has not called me yet." - Andrew Bogut

While I've been entrenched in the NCAA Tournament over the past four days, I have now had some time to catch up on some news from back home.

- First, the Townsville Crocodiles have re-signed Head Coach Trevor Gleeson for another three years.

This is a good move by the Crocs as Gleeson has started to really put his blue print on the franchise. He has been here for three years now, so the players are really beginning to understand what he is about and expecting from them.

Gleeson has coached his team to the playoffs in each of his first three years in the far north. This is good enough to be a franchise best as far as streaks go for playoff appearances for the Crocs.

I look forward to having another year under Trevor.

- I have noticed NBA superstar Andrew Bogut had a crack at me about not calling him since I have been in the States.

As he mentioned we did Twitter during his Utah Utes loss to Arizona.

My excuse for not calling him is, I know he is rehabbing his back (that is more important than talking to an old frail has been) and licking his wounds as his Utes are done and my Zags are still alive.

I certainly have his number on speed dial, don't worry about that. Let's just see if he wants to talk to me at the crack of dawn, right after my three young kids have woken me early in the morning.

- "This month alone the Wildcats will conduct 100 school clinics across WA." This quote comes from Perth Wildcats CEO Nick Marvin, and is courtesy of The West Australian.

I'm sure the Wildcats have a good presences in the community but I do believe that this figure (100 clinics) is a little inflated.

That is an average of three a day and I know (I have school age kids) school only goes for five days per week.

I would love to hear from Nick Marvin to see how he goes about conducting 100 clinics in such a short time. That is some great time management.

- The big news story in the States at the moment is not on the court, but off. The Shaq vs LeBron pregame show is dominating sport talk shows.

Shaq believes he has LeBron covered in the pre game hype game. Let's watch this one carefully. I can tell you the Shaq had nothing tonight before the Nuggets game but maybe he is just waiting for LeBron to return serve.

You decide who is the current winner!

My boy DJ Rod is trying to help out Shaq with some ideas via Twitter, and Shaq responded.

This is how their correspondence went.

"DJ Rod@THE_REAL_SHAQ you put your fingers up like horns and charge at your team mates who have towels - like bullfighting."

Then Shaq replied with this!

"@DJ_Rod ok ok I like I like"

I'm sure Rod will not sleep tonight thinking of other things to get Shaq to try.

- A couple of older articles that talk about the new NBL league.

First, Andrew Bogut shares his thoughts and then Melbourne journo Grantley Bernard talks about taking the top job.

- Time is ticking again for the Wollongong Hawks.


DJ Rod said...

so you're in the same town as Shaq, yet I get in contact with him first?

"DJ Rod On Fire - Twitting is what I do"

John Rillie said...

haha..funny man

Michael from Perth said...

How to do 100 clinics in a month?

20 School Days
13 players (if they are all still around)
= a maximum of 260 clinics possible if all 13 players did 1 clinic each a day.

If you just take the WA born or raised guys, plus any who have stuck around in the offseason;
Loughton, Dowdell, Garlepp, Rogers, Robbins, Weigh, Goulding at least. Even if they paired up they could do a morning and an afternoon clinic for each of the 20 days and end up with 120+ clinics for the month.

DJ Dudd said...

Yeah, i made con tact with Shaq too, i couldnt stop wanking at night over it.

I bet DJ Roddy boy is doing the same cause hes a nerdy geek.

Anonymous said...

yes he dont get out much at all.