Saturday, March 28, 2009

1997 36ers vs Magic


DJ Dudd said...

Have a listen to JRs pretend Yankie accent.


and yas think Clint Doggs a try hard!.

Clint Dogg said...

JR is a wanker.

Just have a look at him in this video, you could snap him in half.

I have alot of videos from this era and b4, i will upload them soon, but i bet JR dont put my gems on his blog page, hes a total dickhead doing stuff with that DJ Rod (aka DJ Dudd) character. Total nerds. I cant wait till i see them in public i will break them both in two.

Anonymous said...

yes they have stepped on alot of toes these two fools. I dont support JR or Roddy 1 bit.

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg. Get off the Roids and grow up. The tough man thing works when your 12. Move on with your life, if you hate JR n DJ Rod why you here giving there website and podcast hits. I don't think your all there in the head, so ill give you the benefit of the doubt. Grow up some and move on with your life.

Anonymous said...

Gee onsidering the first four posts were all within5 minutes from each other, I wonder if they are all the same person...hmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

ooooooo i bet JR & DJ rod are shaking in their boots!!!

lets be 30 years old or however old clint dogg is and post school yard threats on an internet blog site!


Anonymous said...

Looks like JR's precious Zags flamed out just like the Cocks this season....Pretenders

Anonymous said...

Cum on clint why do u keap coming back? please man tell us why?u bet ur mummy near came back for u

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg, You should stop making threats on the internet mate, if your that tough why not go to a crocs game, it's not hard to find JR and DJ Rod...I bet you you don't even raise your hand for a hand shake. Threats on the internet were cool in the 90's, about the same time the Falcons were in the League. Move on old chum. ADD is also easily managed these days. See your doctor

The Judge, Juror and Executioner said...

Anon/Clint Dogg/DJ Dudd/Steroid head or whatever the hell you are calling yourself these days. It's amazing that someone can have such a pathetic excuse for a life that every day they log onto a website to comment on a podcast that they don't like. That kind of stupidity represents a human de-evolution. In short you're obviously a brainless twat.

You contribute nothing positive to any discussion you are involved in.

Your videos are classic mate, a sad little drip with Eminem posters on the walls spewing venom at the world. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetically sad.

Then the only come back you have is "identify yourself" to people who care far less than you do and who just want to be rid of you.

We know you hate DJ Rod and we don't care. We know you think JR is a wanker, we don't care about that either.

It's a shame you could have picked a typical meat head sport to follow and leave the rest of us alone to discuss a sport with some f%$#&%^ civility. Something that is clearly a foreign concept to you.

Just go discover the joys of sex (with a woman), smoke a spliff or whatever you wiggas do these days and learn the meaning of the world chill.

Some suggested reading:

K said...

leave poor clinton alone. he is a crack baby!

Clint Dogg said...

Im sorry guys I just need a hug.

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg OWNED yet again

DJ Dudd said...

Leave ya real names girls.

Annon 2 - I dont know any1 who hits that podcast.

Annon 3 - Gee considering the 2 posts were all within ZERO minutes from each other (BOTH 2-24PM), I wonder if they are all the same person...hmmmmmmmm

Annon 4 - I bet Clint Dogg would beat them hands down any day.

Annon 5 - "Cocks" LMAO.

Annon 6 -i would joke about Clint Doggs mum like that.

Annon 7 - DJ Rod taunts Clint all the time on the Internet, do it in real life or GTF outta here.

Annon 8 - Pheeeeeeeeeewwww, I'm not reading all that huge essay.

Annon 9 - Crack babies were in the 1980s, do some google.

Annon 10 - As if thats him.

Annon 11 - You = OWNED DJ Rod.

Anonymous said...

yeah DJ Dudd, Ive never hit that site since i got connected to the "T.O.", a much better NBL Show i must say. i couldn't tell you 1 person that does.

Why don't JR and DJ Rod take on Clint Dogg and another NBL player (at your choice Rod and JR) in a game of 2 on 2, 21, or something?.

And the loser gets a FREE punch in the face from the winners. Sounds fair to me.

If you don't want 2 play Basketball, why don't you have a DJ remix contest, LIVE DJing too?.

And if that's not suffice, a boxing match, tag team boxing or something real, no jokes?.

I would love to see all that on youtube.

And the loser shuts their mouth 4 GOOD and admits on the end of the video that they are not as good as the winners.

Clint Dogg said...

Yes, im with that.

hell i will take an 11th or 12 man, fringe player, or the smallest guard in the league.

Bring it on!.

Anonymous said...

Offer is on the table boys.

Will JR and Rod take up the chalenge?.

The Real Clint Dogg said...

Watch me create 20 different posts to show just how many imaginary people agree with a 30 something with no friends.

Want to remix a song Clintdogg? Try "Loser" by Beck.

Anonymous said...

Clint, get over yourself and the doll cheques that your living off!

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg: if you could beat a NBL player, why are you not in the NBL? Or ever been close? Simple Question, no pun or hazing intended. Just an Answer?

DJ Dudd said...

Oh well i guess that JR AND DJ ROD wont accept the challenge.

Looks like C-Dogg wins again.

And he never said he was better than an NBL player, where did he please post it?. Its a GAME of 2 on 2, he knows he will beat DJ Rod hands down, so they (jr and rod) can choose any NBL player they want 2 be on Clints team, 1 NBL player per team, its only fair. (rod and Clint = non NBL players).


Anonymous said...

Kri$ please post!