Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Selection Sunday - Part 2

It's 30 years ago this whole Larry/Magic thing started.

Part 2 was always coming but thanks for the great comments from Part 1.

Let's get straight into it!


Pittsburgh - Ontario Lett fouled his way out of Perth, but was quite impressive for the Panthers at tourney time.

East Tennessee St - #24 for your Hobart Devils, Calvin Talford.

Oklahoma St - Randy Rutherford launched bombs for OK St before Canberra and Brisbane, now he is back on the coaching staff of the Cowboys.

Tennessee - Townsville tennis player JP Smith (current NCAA ranking of 10) can be seen at Crocs games when he is not hitting balls.

Florida St - Assistant coach Corey Williams (not Homicide) was at Oral Roberts before here. He helped Cam Tradgardh work on his passing skills during CT's brief college career.

Wisconsin - Kirk Penney introduced the UGG BOOT to Wisconsin. The Badgers offered the Kiwi colder weather.

Xavier - David West of the New Orleans Hornets is one of the Musketeers all-time greats. He is currently a teammate of Sean Marks. (I need to claim him for this, please.)

Portland St - Coach Ken Bone offered me a scholarship to Seattle Pacific. Townsville Sun Glen Stump went to school there.

UCLA - One time Perth import Joe Shipp has a brother, Josh, on the Bruins roster.

Virginia Commonwealth - Head Coach Anthony Grant was a teammate of Dave Colbert's at Dayton.

Villanova - Dwayne McClain won a title at Nova in '85 but could not do the same for the Kings.

American - Melvin Thomas mastered his low post game here.

Texas - Joey Wright was as big as Texas when he was a Longhorn. Look for him to be back in the NBL next season.

Minnesota - Dusty Rychart was a walk-on, will Rick Rickett thought he was NBA after two seasons with the Gophers.

Duke - Billy McCaffery (Vanderbilt) and Mike Chappell (Michigan St) both started here but moved on to greener pastures.

Binghamton - Assistant Coach Mark Macon is a native of Saginaw, Michigan. Home of former Hawk and Croc Damon Lowery.


North Carolina - Cecil Exum got to mix it with Michael Jordan and the rest of the Tar Heels.

Radford - This school is in the Big south Conference. you will also find Coastal Carolina there as well. Clint Reed and Anthony Susnjara both attend Coastal.

LSU - One of Australia's all time greats went here. Ed Palubinskas lead the 1976 Olympics in scoring.

Butler - The Bulldogs home gym was where the movie Hoosiers was shot. In 1996 the Adelaide 36ers toured the States and played in this very gym. Quite a memory.

Illinois - Two blasts from the past, Audie Matthews and Tom Gerhardt

Western Kentucky - Darnell Mee and the Hilltoppers went to a sweet sixteen.

Gonzaga - Paul Rogers, Axel Dench, Casey Calvary, Bakari Hendrix, Jeff Brown, and Mike Champion..oh and me!

Akron - Somebody help me out here, please.

Arizona St - Tony Ronaldson managed a year with a talented Sun Devils squad back in the early 90's.

Temple - Rick Brunson teamed with Eddie Jones and Aaron McKie for the Owls. Then he teamed with Brett Maher and yours truly for the 36ers.

Syracuse - Dave Patrick started his college career here. Now he recruits many Aussies to St Mary's.

Stephen F Austin - Coming out of the Southland Conference where Aussie Ryan Bathie made All Conference 1st team for Nicholls St.

Clemson - Sydney King waterbug Ed Scott was one of the Tigers best.

Michigan - Home of the Fab 5 and Chris Webber's great time out call. I guess because DJ Rod has Twitted Jalen Rose, this counts in some type of way.

Oklahoma - Ebi Ere pulled on the Sooner jersey for two years.

Morgan St - The Bears are coached by Todd Bozeman who at one time coached the Cal Bears and Jelani Gardner. That relationship turned bitter in a hurry. Who sold who out?

Please leave your comments again. The tourney will begin Friday, Aussie time.


Eric said...

Kenny Wilson formerly of Shepparton and Wangaratta in the VBL was a Villanova Wildcat in the mid 80's.

Duke - The other Hill (Thomas) was a Perth wildcat briefly and won a national championship at Duke.

Don't forget Michigan beat Andrew Gaze's Seton Hall pirates in the 1989 NCAA final.

DJ Dudd said...

Al Green also went to LSU.

James Bullock went to Purdue.

Akron is featured in the new song by T-Pain and Kanye West.

Ashley Proud said...

What about with Michigan......I loved the name Jalen so much that I named my son after him. I loved watching Jalen Rose and the Fab 5. You know me, so there is a link

Anonymous said...

it's like we are twins ;)

andrew_gill17 said...

Al Green went to LSU just in his senior year, and was at NC State before that.

Andy Campbell played at LSU for 3 seasons as well.

Mili said...

JR I'm pretty sure Ed Palubinskas holds some sort of free throw record?!? look it up - I remember him being part of some half time free throw thing at a boomers vs NZ game a couple of years ago...

Eric said...

Another one for American, they beat out Holy Cross for the patriot league who Rob Feaster, former Perth Wildcat played for.