Thursday, March 5, 2009

Between The Madness

Today I'm just going with a series of You Tube videos as Larry Abney refreshed my memory about a certain Fresno St team back in the late 90's. You could describe them as a renegade team coached by one of the greats of college basketball, Jerry Tarkanian.

I remember watching this documentary way back when he hit the TV screen, thinking this cannot be true.

Well, I had the chance to find out first hand how real it was. It was the first thing I asked Larry Abney about when we became teammates here in Townsville. Larry was very honest and upfront about the whole deal, especially when I asked him about one of his teammates pulling out some Samurai swords on the odd occassion.

I have sat here and watched it again as another former teammate in Willie Farley also stars in the doco.

It may not be your cup of tea so I will put up four episodes. If it is to your liking and you have a spare hour at work today, I'm sure you can find the remaining episodes on YouTube.

If this is not your go then don't forget to listen to the Grand Final Edition of "The OT".

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 7


DJ Rod said...

I watched it all last night - ook me until 2am but WELL WORTH IT!

Loved Skip and Abney getting caught with 4 girls in their room :)

DJ Dudd said...

pretty shit info this week.

or r u trying to turn things away from YOUR LOSS na dht efact u r out of the NBL now?.

DJ Dudd said...


pretty shit info this week.

or r u trying to turn things away from YOUR LOSS or the fact u r out of the NBL now?.

DJ Rod would love being caught with 4 GUYS in his motel room.

Anonymous said...

I hear u have been caught with 4 guys in ur room DJ Dudd....
Homo Orgies are ur fantasies...

Reddogg said...

Wow, Fresno had a tough year. Interesting to heard part of Abneys and Farleys college careers. As well as Alstons.

Would be hard being one ofthe players who makes no mistakes off the court, but still suffers because the team is losing games due to it. You want to be able to trust your teams mates... They still had a good season, but could have been a great season.

GF wise, i was thinking Tigers in 4, after last nights lost, might drag it out to 5 games but still think Tigers got them.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on the WNBL finals JR?