Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Is Not A Paid NBA Advertisement

Tom Chambers has gone from flying through the air to being "On Air".

Recently my family and I took in an NBA game, Phoenix vs Denver. It is not too often I get to take in a basketball game and just be a fan. But this game was my chance and it become quite an enjoyable evening.

When we arrived at the US Airways Arena there was a carnival like atmosphere and my kids took in some of the activities on offer outside.

While the kids shot hoops I was checking out the work of one of my all time favourites, Tom Chambers. Mr Chambers now works for the local Fox Sports Network who cover the Suns.

It was half hour before tip off and we moved inside to our seats. Although we were not courtside with Suns owner Robert Sarver, they were well positioned for us to take in all the action uninterrupted. If I had these seats all the time I would be very happy.

As the teams began their warm up I noticed the Shaq was missing for the Suns layup line. I was a little disappointed not to see the "Big Cactus" there as I was looking forward to seeing him in action.

True to form he did not let me done. Shaq only needs a ten minute warm up.

The game got underway and what an entertaining game it was. It was a traditional Suns/Nuggets matchup as it ended 118-115 according to my four year old son.

Things that I remember most about the game:

- Shaq only missing one free throw for the game (7/8). He made a crucial 3 point play down the stretch as the Suns recaptured the lead. If only I could read lips to understand what he was telling Carmelo Anthony after the play.

- Grant Hill was the "old" version. His double double (23/10/5) was full of slashing moves to the hoop, an alley oop from Steve Nash and a clutch 15 footer.

- Melo taking over the game in the second half. Although he came up short in his quest, he was tough in the last 24 minutes.

- Chauncey Billups controlling the game and picking his moments to exert himself on offense.

- Nene schooling Shaq in the third on continuous "iso" plays but then losing control and getting ejected. Very costly for the Nuggets.

- Last but not least Steve Nash. It's fun to watch Shaq grab a defensive board, outlet it to Nash and watch Hill, Jason Richardson and Matt Barnes try and out run each other in anticipation of being on the end of another Nash assist.

- On a side note from my kids, the Phoenix Gorilla injured himself as he performed one of his mini tramp dunks. The Gorilla went unsighted for the remainder of the game after this incident.

The game ended and I was lucky enough to have some visitor section back stage passes.

What an experience this became for everyone. I will include myself because I got a happy snap with Chris "Birdman" Andersen. Is he the original "Birdman"?

I'm going to give the Denver Nugget players a wrap here because they were nothing but friendly and accessible to the fans waiting for them.

From Billups to Anthony and all in between they gave up their time to spend with the fans.

For those NBL fans wondering what has happened to former Victoria Titans import Jahmal Mosley, he is an assistant coach of the Nuggets.
The Suns provided a fun filled night of entertainment for my family so if anyone is having second thoughts about ever attending an NBA game at least in Phoenix, grab a ticket ASAP as I will not hesitate to attend again.


Eric said...

Nice mate. That's gold. NBA games are great fun and it's always interesting meeting NBA players and seeing what they are like. Mostly the players I have met were pretty cool guys. I ran into Corey Maggette while walking in NYC last year and he was a nice bloke, stopping for a pic and chatting while we strolled in the same direction. I also met Kwame Brown who was drunk off his arse outside the Hampton vs Howard University football after party last year (around 4am on a Sunday morning). It was a funny moment because he was pretty hammered and coming out of the pub after last call. I said hello, introduced myself and asked him when he was going to blow up, because "Australia was waiting". He took it pretty well, laughed a lot and we talked for a good little while. He asked me if I know "Drew", who is actually an Aussie guy that is the head athletic trainer for the Washington Wizards and was really content just to talk (possibly because he was teetering a little).

I'm curious JR, as you are someone who has played at US college and pro levels, what does the NBA look like through your eyes? How huge a step up from a playoff intensity NBL game does it feel, when you are transposed from the court to the sideline?

DJ Dudd said...

we dont want 2 hear about your personal life JR, this is not Who Weekley or Zoo Mag.

You could of picked a better game and teams to visit at least, and the players you got pics with OMG who r they? I NEVER HEARD OF THEM NOBODYS b4.

This is worse than the OT.

Anonymous said...

No its not worse than the OT, you cant get any lower than that worse.

Anonymous said...

lol no u cant can you.

Anonymous said...

Dj Dudd ur been bust posting 2day havnt u.

Anonymous said...

i hope the records you play at nite clubs aren't as scratched as the one you keep playing in here DUDD

There's a door... get through it ;)

Anonymous said...

So Billups is a nobody aye? last time i checked he has lead a team to win the NBA championship..... that marks him a bit of a star... also also received MVP of the finals to...
Has also made a few all-star line ups... not a bad feat either.

not bad for a nobody aye dudd

Anonymous said...

Of course DJ Dudd, clearly sexually frustrated, would be an avid reader of Zoo magazine "for the articles".

C - d.o double gizzel Enemy # 1 said...

Clinton Gardiner.. hows things in the ghetto ? u still on death row? I heard u came outa the closet recently? well done champ.. It takes a lotta guts. :) same gos 4 Jfoxxx and that other poof that you enjoy stroking. Anyways ya pasty bastard get some sun mate u look like that monk of the da vinci code.. just letting you know that Im gon try an catch up with ya around the way .. u will know its me , Im looking forward to bustin ya rite in the one tooth that you still have left crackhead! you might want to stick with ready steady cokk mate.

Nice blog JR keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

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