Monday, March 2, 2009


"Is it true Rusty has 22inches?" That is something I cannot answer.

I've been in playoff detox for the past 48 hours and like any good addict, it never gets any easier to get over it as the years roll on.

It was another season where we did not achieve what we set out to do. Sure there were not too many people that rated the Crocs at the start of the year, but I always felt that if all things feel into place, we would be a chance.

No doubt we needed luck and things to fall our way, but if I felt the team I played on never had a chance, it is time for me to give the game away. (While on that, there has been some speculation that this may have been my last year. Not so, I'm here for another crack at the title.)

We were very close to making it happen here in Townsville. One game short of making the Grand Final and maybe surprising the Melbourne Tigers. It was not to be, but we had our chances and we just did not capitalize on them when they were presented.

Many people will always remember Game 3 and how the South Dragons over ran us in the end. I would like to turn your attention back to Game 1.

The game was tied up or very tight with six minutes to go. That was where I felt we let or opportunity slip through our hands.

The Dragons dominated us in the last six minutes of a ball game we controlled for the majority of the time. Closing out games in playoffs is key and we let a golden opportunity slip through our fingers during the later stages of Game 1.

Give the Dragons credit for playing better in the clutch but I will always feel those were the six minutes that hurt us making the second ever championship series for this proud club I play for.

I think fans and supporters of both teams will remember this series as hard fought but the better team in the end ran over the underdogs.

On the other hand, all teams have their moments to succeed, you just need to take them when they are presented.

What's News

- "To win it would be the greatest achievement I've been involved in in the NBL", said South Dragons coach Brian Goorijian. (The Australian)

Brian Goorjian is already pumping up his own tyres on what a great good he has done with this group. Trying to play the underdog roll once again. His team did finish first in the regular season after all and most of his players have come from solid rosters in the past.

- Former Brisbane Bullet player and four time Olympian Larry Sengstock has the support to bring the Bullets back. Will Basketball Australia see the same thing?

- A Sydney Kings consortium has asked for extra time for their proposal.

- You can never let the truth get in the road of the true make up of your squad. Sydney Spirit are trying to take their team to the Philippines. Just read and you will see the number of errors in this article. I had a slight chuckle to myself as I happen to know Marco and he does have basketball very close to his heart.

- My current teammate Rosell Ellis is temporarily being replaced by a former teammate, Galen Young. Read here to get the full story.

- Townsville Crocs reflect over loss.

Top 10 Kobe plays to date this season.

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