Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"The OT" & Some Random News

I could not let this picture go unnoticed. It is none other than Greg Vanderjagt and Chris Goulding. WOW is all I can say, but click on your favourite Spartan to get the latest podcast from "The OT"..

Episode 25 (or episode Dave Simmons, he beat out Matt Earp) of "The OT" was a little late off the production line but it is still full of whole hearted hoop news. Plus you will get to hear who predicted the NBL Finals will go the distance of five games.

Also in this episode DJ Rod, introduces a new section which allows punters to ask questions. This could become interesting.

We touch on the Chris Anstey/Melbourne Tigers situation after Game 3, the NBL awards that have already been decided and the last chance to get your banner noticed. You have a chance to win a 22' monitor thanks to


- Are the Melbourne Tigers bad sports? Yes, says Scott Derwin.

- In case you have been hiding out, the Tigers squared the NBL Finals series at 2-2 tonight.

recap boxscore

- Could this be the beginning of State of Origin basketball? Sign me up.

- Former teammate Aaron Trahair is a basketball development officer over in the west.

- If you are tall and want to play basketball, Albury Bandits are the team for you.

- Drew Williamson to suit up for the Southern District Spartans.

- Kareem is not impressed with Shaq.

- I guess the SEABL conference is about to begin play. They have a tipping comp with prizes up for grabs.

- NBA D-League announces an unusual playoff format. Let me know what you think of the idea. While on the D-League, read about their Top 10 proud moments this year.

- Little known Aussie Matt Schmechtig was announced as Player of the Week in the American Midwest Conference.

- Is Jesse Wagstaff the next great Aussie to come out of Metro St? Check out his stats to date.

- Another name to remember may just be Tim Coenraad. Coenraad has just been named to his third All Conference Team in four years.


Anonymous said...

Well done DJ Rod on winning your award on The T.O. (08-03-2009) -

NBL Awards named in The T.O. (08-03-2009)

6th man
Best and Worst court side announcer.

Anonymous said...

They guy in that show was right all along. We going to 5 games baby and Anstey to come out firing in game 4 and he did, he will also be the finals MVP, as stated in that show.

This was all b4 he knew about him getting suspended.

Great work.

Anonymous said...

I'll take advantage of the Anonymous status to suggest that like Bogut's site, you make everyone register to access and post comments. That way certain dickheads can be blocked.

Anonymous said...

Wagstaffs numbers suggest he is a player

The D-League playoff idea is v.interesting, and a good reward for finishing top.

Last night was the most focused Anstey we've seen all year, and it made all the difference, but Croswell had a terrific game also

Anonymous said...

If by dickheads you mean Clint Dogg and DJ DUDD (yes same person) I totally agree!

Anonymous said...

DJ Dudd is J-Foxxx i thought?

Anonymous said...

No matter who it is, I still like that show better.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha great photo, what was it published in?

Peter said...

If you look around the Kareem article you will see a link to an add with Patrick Ewing. Don't know if anyone saw it but it was gold: Youtube link here:

Also Kyle Korver wears number 26 (in reference to the OT number) and is well in the tradition of pale white guys that love the view from the "Land of Plently"