Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Where will Mike Dunlap end when this offseason's coaching movements are complete?

I've just moved camp today from cactus country (Phoenix) to beachside (San Diego).

I'm taking the easy way out today with links everywhere. The six hour drive (which included three border patrol stops, Mexico is very close) has me a little weary but there is plenty happening in Australian basketball right now.

Enjoy all this good stuff.

- First, we have a change of head coach with the National Team. Out goes Brian Goorjian who has held the job for the past six years, and in comes energetic NBA assistant Brett Brown. Brown has been given the job until after the London Games (2012).

Goorjian had two Olympic campaigns during his time at the helm with 9th and 7th place finishes.

Will Brown be able to improve on this? We can all judge his after the London Games.

- It seems the Wollongong Hawks have done everything asked of them to qualify them for the New NBL and all with a touch of Bollywood. Click here for an audio interview with Mat Campbell as well.

- Kerry Williams is helping out the young hoopers of the Northern Territory. Well done to Kerry.

- One of the NBL's worst kept secrets has finally become public knowledge. Brendon Joyce will not coach the Gold Coast Blaze next season.

- Joe Ingles goes home to play for the Tigers. I'm beginning to sense the 36ers will fullcourt press Ingles about playing for his home team next season.

Only trouble is 36ers coach Scott Ninnis has never dribbled let alone shot a basketball with his left hand. How could he help develop left handed Ingles?

- In the NZNBL, there is a father/son combo.

- Memphis give Kentucky permission to speak to John Calipari. Is Dunlap a chance at the Memphis job?

- Click here to see who was named to the All-American 1st team in college.


Krint said...

Hey JR,good to hear your enjoying yourself ,I myself are in the states atm. Going to watch the Clippers and Hornets on wednesday night then catching the Lakers and Rockets two nights later.Not a fan of any of the teams but getting my lifelong dream to catch a NBA game live!

Anonymous said...

Well why dont JR and DJ Roddo play the game that was suggested to Clinton?


And JR n Roddo can pick Clintons other player. Its pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

yeah and the loser can shut up 4 the rest of their life.

What happened to thew DJ contest? Or game of Horse, 21, or whatever else?.

DJ Dudd said...

Nah they cant handle it.

They (JR and Rod) wont bring it to the table.

They r sorry excuses. this is why im on Clintons side all along, cause they r berds on the radio that cant bring it on 12 little bit.

Anonymous said...

drop clint a email at clintdogg@ozemail.com.au

Anonymous said...

Oh well.

I wont bother anymore, i always KNOW that Clint is the WINNER over JR and DJ Rod caue they wont accept the challenge and decide to report him to his work 4 making real threats in videos and posting them on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Feel free to e-mail DJ Rod - djrod@djrod.com.au

feel free to visit DJ Rods site = http://www.djrod.com.au and leave some comments.

DJ Dudd said...

Clint Dogg = WINNER.

An Aussie Basketball Fan said...

Why don't you kiddies go play elsewhere.

The adults are here to enjoy basketball.

Whoever this "Clint Dogg" character is sounds like a lost cause -- he hasn't even posted on here once (supposedly) but has numerous monikers posting for him. Suspicious all the same.

If you want a chat forum, go and find one.

Those of us that are here to enjoy basketball and interact with one of the greats of Aussie ball don't need the kids throwing little jibes in the corner.

JR -- hope you're enjoying the big trip!!

Tigers Fan said...

Agreed Clint Dogg or whatever you call yourself. JR would have nothing to gain by playing you. Please go away.

Anonymous said...

I like Clint Dogg. Really good songs.

You guys should catch up on things and download some.

Anonymous said...

haha yeah right his songs are pure Garbageeeeeee
The world has a eminem

Anonymous said...

i hope Ozhoops gets fixed REALLY soon so you can go back there!

Anonymous said...

clint,Mark Morrison was a bum like u.maybe u should spend some time in jail like him.

Anonymous said...

CLint did remember...He told us all he did hard time...soon we realise it was for taking Government Benefits Illegally!

SydneyJay said...

So sick of this dude messing up every forum.Clint Dogg piss off no one likes you.Even the sepo's where I live would hate you.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the TO 15/02/09 episode with that fat white gay looking fella aka Clint Dogg. Wat a absolute F*ckwit. mate i think i am now 75% dumber from watching that show. OT shits all over ur pathetic show. u wouldnt have a clue wat ur talking about. if u knew wat u were talking about u would already kno that the nbl is trying for more teams as time goes on. Clint Dogg = Retard. i think u should start a podcast coz ur face is damn ugly.. got the looks for radio.

Anonymous said...

i dont see Clint Doggs name in any posts?.

how do you know its him posting?. prove it?