Thursday, April 2, 2009

Links Everywhere

Larry Abney won something in Holland or did he just buy a trophy with his Taipans money?

Sorry about the laziness over the past few days people, but I'm in San Diego just taking in the sights and sounds of sunny southern California with my family before I head home.

As there are many fine golf courses down here, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a links edition.

Although it is the lazy way out of blogging, there is plenty happening in the world of hoops that is holding my attention.

Hope the same can be said for you. Enjoy!

- A hot topic here in the USA over the past few days has been where will Mike Dunlap end up when his coaching merry-go-round stops. The wait is now over people. He has signed on as the assistant coach at Oregon for a lazy $400k.

I will go on record and say that the players of Oregon better get ready for the individual workouts they are about to become part of.

Dunlap is the best I have worked out for in this area. Players can do nothing but improve. He is that good I would send my own kids his way...just to see if he can break them down.

- Australian basketball will have a presence at the Final Four in Detroit this weekend. Both Aron Baynes of Washington St and Luke Nevill of Utah will play in the Hersey's College All-Star Game on Friday (Saturday Down Under).

- "The only thing that Shaq likes better than speaking his mind is giving nicknames to big guys who get dunked on. If Robin Lopez doesn’t push back, he could end up like “Ericka Dampier” or Andrew Bogut, who is “Ericka Dampier with a beard.” Maybe Lopez can be “Ericka Dampier with stupid looking hair.” Courtesy of Dime Mag.

Get to get the full story behind this Shaq quote chick here.

- This article is for all my Australian friends that think I'm a little one eyed towards Gonzaga and their success. Read for yourself, it is a great place to play.

- Former Canberra Cannon boss Ron Harvey honoured by the International Olympic Committee.

- Boti Nagy fills us in on what is going on around the traps.

- Boomers can be found in Vegas over the off season.

- Luke Schenscher is looking at overseas option.

- Julian Khazzouh loves to surf. Who would have thought?

- Former Kings import Jerome Beasley given second chance in Holland after setting fire to the wrong thing.

Just couldn't go past this footage!


Eric said...

This Vegas opportunity is awesome. It is a breakthrough in many ways for the Boomers and Australian basketball and a great example of thinking outside the box. I hope this gets locked in as an annual fixture.

JR, How is this NBA summer league roster going to work? Let's say we don't have Bogut, Newley, Andersen, Bruce or Ingles. Who do you foresee carrying the load?

mookie said...

JR, I think you can be forgiven for taking a week off blogging -- the fact that you're writing at all whilst you're on holidays is enough!

Enjoy the trip and worry about filling us in when you get back!

I must say though that I'm disappointed in Rod for not doing the OT by himself... ;)

Anonymous said...

ha that is good - i suppose you have to have a good sense of humour to be a Blazers fan ;)

K-Rudd said...

Shit Storm.

J-Beazzy said...

Smoke weed everyday.