Friday, April 10, 2009

It Is All Beginning To Happen

Larry Sengstock (7) will have to trade in his tight shorts for running a tight ship if the NBL is to get back on course.

I jump on a plane in Los Angles and I arrive in Brisbane and the NBL has started to make some progress in the direction of the New NBL.

First, Basketball Australia announced that Larry Sengstock will take the reins of the New NBL.

From a distance I believe that this is a great hiring. Sengstock and basketball needs no explanation. He has one of the country's best resumes, both domestically and internationally.

The thing that impresses me the most and gives the sport hope is Sengstock has been entrenched in business since he hung up his Puma Luffs.

This is what the sport has been missing. Someone that knows and loves our game while also having the business acumen to woo potential sponsors to the great sport of basketball.

I know it is easier said than done, but I believe we (basketball) have given ourselves every chance to get ourselves out of this rut we have put ourselves in over the past decade.

Sengstock has all the oncourt championship experience that the league named the Finals MVP Award after him. Imagine if he succeeds in the boardroom what basketball will do for this man.

All the best Larry, you have my support.


- The NBL coaching carousel is beginning to heat up. The Perth Wildcats have dumped first year coach Connor Henry half way through his deal. The dust has settled and Henry speaks on the Wildcats decision and his aspirations to remain in Australia. (Was it some 48 yer old that cost him his job?)

It is expected that former Sydney Spirit head coach Rob Beveridge will be the new coach.

Also in the coaching ranks, Joey Wright is the hot mail to take over from Brendon Joyce at the Gold Coast. Some dust just needs to settle between the Blaze and Joyce before anything will become official.

My understanding was that both Wright and Beveridge were in contention for both the Wildcats and Blaze positions. Must feel good to be wanted!

- Sam Harris looking to get career going in Europe.

- Cairns Taipans have seemed to be able to do what the Wollongong Hawks have done. Meet the criteria set by the New NBL.

- Aussies Luke Nevill and Aron Baynes played in the NABC All-Star Senior Game over the Final Four Weekend. (Click on the above link to get the boxscore.)

This is where the sport needs to get back to.


ClintDogg said...

Rob Beveridge is crap. why would any1 want him?.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I'll ever get mentioned in the same sentence as Ebi Ere and Kirk Penney?

Nice work JR

Anonymous said...

Hahahah how about gorjians mullet in the video!

Eric said...

JR, that's cold man, sticking it to Henry after he loses his job like that. Can't you just be happy lighting up his team with your geriatric jumper?

Eric said...

BTW, Bob Turner was the original Ned Flanders.

DJ Dudd said...

Hey Guys I fink it off the shizzle that perth fired their coach yo....For real yall this is'nt that NBA we shouldntent be firing dese coaches like dis..Peace out yo

Anonymous said...

What's with the new basketball australia store? They have no replica shorts available and the boomers/Opals T-Shirts are 50 BUCKS!

Good luck selling anything BA.

Anonymous said...

With guys like Vlahov onboard its all about the money. Every guy working for BA is Stricly Business and about $$$.Time will tell if that works.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to give him a lesson in simple economic theory. New league or old league, the traditional NBL merchandising model of "Charging like a wounded bull" will piss fans off again pretty quickly