Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter - The Calm Before The Storm

I'm sensing that after the Easter Weekend is done the NBL will turn the throttle up a little. The new league is pencilled in to begin in October so time is a ticking, especially when franchises haven't even been announced yet.

In the meantime, there are a few things happening in the sport so here they are.

- Thanks to Perth Now for providing this article on the Perth Wildcats and Rob Beveridge talking about their relationship becoming a marriage.

There are a few things in the article that I will elaborate on.

- "Marvin (Nick) remained defiant over the decision to sack him (Connor Henry) one year into his two-year contract, saying "sometimes greatness calls for tough decisions."

Marvin is Nick Marvin the CEO of the Perth Wildcats and also creator of this Facebook page dedicated to John Wooden and his philosophies. I wonder if he found these words from the great UCLA coach's manual?

Also..."Speaking from the US, where he (Rob Beveridge) is currently coaching children, Beveridge said the Perth job "definitely interested" him."

Check this out to see what type of children Beveridge is coaching. Pretty impressive list of children I might add.

The Nike Hoop Summit game is in the books and Beveridge has only helped his coaching credentials further by leading the World All-Stars over the USA team, 97-89. This snaps a seven game winning streak the US team has had on this annual event.


Eric said...

That's a great achievement by another NBL coach. It seems to me that coaches who are involved with the NBL don't get enough credit for doing things on the world stage. Usually the players get all the credit, but when you look at how many guys have coached in the NBL before an NBA coaching gig (off the top of my head Dunlap and Brown) and guys who have moved through the ranks from being import players to coaches at either NBA or college levels (Brunson, Mosely, Colbert, Jent and I'm sure there are many, many more) It's pretty clear the NBL has a strongly positive ripple effect on basketball all over the world.

Anonymous said...

lol @ Marvin - lets see you run a club without grandpa Jacks pockets! Maybe Jack might have to make those "tough decisions for greatness" - see you later Marvin you haven't brought us a title since you came on board, maybe you're the problem not the coach! I for one is one of many Perth supporters sick of Marvin taking the media spotlight over the players and the team!

Anonymous said...

Beveridge is a nobody. Perth could do better.

Anonymous said...

yeh good call mate. only been coaching the world team now for a few years. won a world title with bogut. good call idiot...

Anonymous said...

if you move in the right political circles as bevo has for the past decade, timing can sometimes work itself out for you - and good luck to him for that. but honestly you can not judge a coach's ability on an all star game of basketball. any coach would look good with that talent on the floor. you coach them for 3 days then suddenly you are an awesome coach. no. whilst he had a good season with syd spirit under emotional ciurcumstances, the question will remain. can he lead a team of mature basketballers, not young men, through the twists and turns of a professional league? does he have the character to do so or is he better suited to an ais role?

DJ Rod said...

If a coach's main job is to lead a team and to motivate players to perform under difficult circumstances, I would put him right up there!

Just listen to his players talk after the Nike Hoop Summit game, listen to Andrew Bogut, listen to the interview he did with The OT when the whole Spirit thing unfolded... he is a leader and a motivator.

I have a lot of respect for him.

Anonymous said...

DJ not questioning his leadership abilities but Geordie McCleod better option

DJ Rod said...

not a fan of McLeod actually... dunno why.

It's just another one of my 'things'