Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boomers Assistants Named

New Zealand Breakers Head Coach Andrej Lemanis gets his chance on the international stage with the Boomers.

This article is courtesy of Sportal.

Three new assistant coaches have been named to help Brett Brown pilot Australia's men's basketball team through to the London Olympics in 2012.

Brown, who was named as the new Boomers coach last month, will be joined by Andrej Lemanis, Shane Heal and Marty Clarke and they will guide the Australian team through until at least 2012.

That means outgoing coach Brian Goorjian will have no role, while Brendan Joyce and Gordie McLeod also find themselves on the outer.

Basketball Australia Chief Executive Larry Sengstock was thrilled with the quality of the new assistant coaches and believes they will be able to help Brown guide the Boomers to an Olympic medal in 2012.

"We have entered a new era for the Boomers and I am excited and hopeful about what this coaching staff can deliver," Sengstock said.

In addition to the selection of Lemanis, Heal and Clarke, Bill Tomlinson has also been drafted in as a network coach to assist in the development and preparation of players on an individual basis.

That means Brown will have four experienced people to call on for advice when required and this should help the Boomers in their quest for an Olympic medal.

Brown, who is currently in the United States working as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA playoffs, was extremely happy with the selections of his assistants.

"They are a competitive, astute group and together we are excited to embrace the difficult challenge of securing Australian men's basketball's first medal in senior men's competition," Brown said.

"Marty has a terrific record with the junior program and knows the playing group well from their time together at the Institute; as a four-time Olympian and former Boomers captain Shane is an untapped resource of great value and an inspirational leader; Andrej has an outstanding knowledge of the game and has done very good things with the New Zealand Breakers; and Billy has been one of the top coaches in Australia for the past 25 years."

Let me know what you think about these selections.


Anonymous said...

I think a coaching staff that had included potential names like Trevor Gleeson, Gordie McLeod or Rob Beveridge who are known to get more out of their teams and could have taken the reigns in Aus while Brett has US commitments would have been a better choice than shane heal & lemanis? How is our national program going to work together if your coaches are based in the US & NZ and the other one is colouring his hair at some fancy gold coast hairdresser? Marty Clarke is a good choice to keep the young blood coming up in check.

Anonymous said...

I thought Westover and Beveridge might have also been in the mix. Beveridge might not have put his hand up given his uncertain coaching future. Perth is obviously rumoured as his destination, but if that doesn't come through he might not stay in Oz.

Lemanis seems to have done a good apprenticeship and has his NZ teams play a good brand of ball.

Tomlinson makes a lot of sense and seems to have a brilliant pedigree as an assistant of this type of program

Anonymous said...

Trevor Gleeson LMAO.

Shane Heal is a great selection.

Anonymous said...

Rob Beveridge and mike dunlap should of been the coachs,

Anonymous said...

Bevo is the obvious one who should have been there. The Hammer is an interesting one. He really has no background. Marty Clarke = no pedigree with senior stufff

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget wen Marty Clark trained us for a session at an Aus camp. He walked onto the court threw the ball into the stands and started cussing all of us out yelling at us saying we r lazy f*cks, and p*thetic all becoz we didnt chase the ball like a loose ball in a game. this all happened before we even warmed up. I would pay big big money to see him pull that pathetic sh*t to guys on the boomers team coz i kno there would be one guy there who would wanna knock his lights out. think the only good selection was andrej lemanis. I think with Brett Brown juggling two jobs in two different countries the assistant coaches should be the ones who have the knowledge and have been involved with guys who get picked out of the NBL. so tomlinson even though he is a great coach i think him not being involved with the new nbl hurts us same with Clark. Andrej is a good choice and Shane Heal well i think his track record at the dragons speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Lemanis a big thumbs up.

The Heal position is interesting, but it's certainly a good PR move if nothing else.

No idea about Clarke, but if any coach pulled that shit with me, I'd probably go Sprewell on him

Anonymous said...

I thought Rusty Hinder would have been a more obvious selection for Coach