Thursday, April 23, 2009

Episode 28 of "The OT"

A rare action shot of Brett Brown in his playing days for Boston University. The new Boomers coach joins us on "The OT" for a chat.

"The OT" has come up with the big interviews this week.

The new Australian National Team (Boomers) coach Brett Brown takes time out of his San Antonio Spurs playoff schedule to discuss the Boomers.

He mentions how Andrew Bogut, David Andersen and Matt Nielsen are the "Big 3" with Brad Newley knocking on the door.

Also our "blast from the past" is a former teammate of mine, Derek Rucker.

Rucker a former Davidson College Wildcat standout touches on all topics that include Tina Arena and her lyrics, Seamus McPeake, Pat Mills vs Stephon Curry and my weightroom habits under tough nut fitness guru Billy Johnstone.

To complete the program, Rod and I discuss the NBA playoffs.


Eric said...

Own up JR, did you have to go searching for Tina Arena's website or did you already have an RSS feed on your desktop?

Eric said...

Just finished, great show! One of the best so far.

Anonymous said...

he's got the discography!