Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Aussie To USA College

Jordan Vandenberg is headed to NC State.

Who am I?

"I'm left-handed, but I can score with either hand in the paint," he said. "I also feel like I have good post moves and can score out to 10 feet. The things I do well are use both hands around the basket, and I am a good shot-blocker and can change shots." (Thanks WRAL sports fan.)

Give up? It is a Victorian kid by the name of Jordan Vandenberg who is heading to North Carolina State and the ultra competitive Atlantic Coast Conference.

The skinny seven footer chose the Wolfpack over the likes of USC, Utah Valley and Nevada.

Here is my scouting report on him.

He has attended the AIS, but my understanding is it was not the greatest experience for both parties.

Depending on who you ask, they may use phrases such as "checkered past and uncoachable", to describe the natural centre. But one thing everyone says is the kid has talent.

I recently attended the U/20 National Titles and got to see the lefty first hand.

There is no doubting the kid has talent the minute you see him take a few trips up and down the hardwood.

His strength right now will be at the defensive end. He was by far the best shotblocker at the championship. Not only can he get his hand to a lot of shots, he changes a few with his mere presences.

To become a better rounded defensive player though he is going to have to add some lower body strength. He is thin, so he will be susceptible to back downs. I also feel if he plays next season, foul trouble could become an issue because he is not use to playing against that quality of athlete on a consistent basis.

At the offensive end he has a nice touch around the hoop. I will leave it at that. He is a finishing around the bucket and put back guy right now.

Vandenberg needs to expand his offensive game if he is to become a complete player and be just as effective at the offensive end. A mid range game would really help this guy as he can get to the rim with one dribble.

Overall, if the Wolfpack can afford to take a risk on a guy, Vandenberg is worth it. Redshirting would be a good thing just so he can add strength, work on his offense and get used to the level of play.

Wolfpack fans please remember when fellow Aussie Luke Schenscher graced the Georgia Tech campus he could not walk and chew gum at the same time.

Vandenberg has him covered from that standpoint. I'm sure you guys would love for Vandenberg to finish his career just like the big red head did. The Final Four.

(Audio discussion on Vandenberg.)


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Anonymous said...

What made this kid so uncoachable?

John Rillie said...

While trying to develop his insdie game, Vandenberg would prefer to launch perimeter J's.

Sometimes the coaching staff has to take responsibility for this as well.

I'm hoping the kid looks at the states as a fresh opportunity.

As I said, the kid has talent.

keihin said...

How would describe his ability to get up and down the floor? Reasonable speed and conditioning are important if a C is going to be in position in time to make plays. Anything you could tell us about this aspect of his game would be appreciated.

Eric said...

What about Ater Majok? He's declaring without ever playing a game at college.

Any Sydney-siders seen how good this kid is?

Anonymous said...

Title should read "another crap aussie to usa college".