Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tune In Baby

Catch me on 4TO from 7pm as I join the call team as the Cowboys take on the Gold Coast Titans.

In about 4 hours time (7pm QLD) my NRL commentating careers begins and hopefully blossoms from there.

I've been lucky enough to snag the sideline comments gig for 4TO FM radio up here in Townsville for the Cowboys home games and it looks like I'm going to be tested straight off the bat.

The weather conditions are not favourable here at the moment. Windy with scattered showers and drizzle. I guess that is inspiration enough to do a good job so I can make it up to the cozy booth upstairs, one day.

So, if you have nothing else to do tonight and would like to give me some good old honest feedback, you can listen to the broadcast (Cowboys vs Titans) on the net here. ( Just click on Listen Now! when you arrive at the home page.)

Honestly it is like game for me right now. Instead of preparing for the opposition and thinking of how I can light them up, I'm researching like a mother to provide the listens with all the insightful stuff.

I'm looking forward to making the most of this opportunity, I just hope I remember to turn on my mike.
- Although Larry Sengstock officially begins on April 27, I'm sure he will be pushing buttons before then. The time is now.
- Andrew Gaze seems to believe that Brisbane will not be a part of the new league.
- Miles Pearce is kissing people in New Zealand NBL. I don't want to see that!


DJ Rod said...


Eric said...

Well done JR. Good gig, and I hope you can use your TV experience to help the NBL when your playing days are over.

When you drop your knowledge, I'm sure people will be sitting home watching Cowboys games saying "We just got schooled by a 48 year old"

John Rillie said...

You're a funny man Eric and I love your comments. I will respond to a few of them over the coming weeks.

DJ Rod said...

you ARE a star :)

DJ Dudd said...

Yes i listened in tot he radio feed, very good work JR. A Lot better without your sidekick. You should try that from now on.

ClintDogg said...

I didn't get a chance to listen, but i have a pretty good guess that it would be much better by himself.