Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Basketball Has Found Its Summit?

This was just e-mailed to me as is so I cannot give anyone credit for the publication. Sorry.


A summit meeting of basketball’s key stakeholders hosted by Basketball Australia (BA) in Sydney on Saturday has helped identify some key areas for change as part of the sport’s on-going reform process.

The Basketball Summit was the first meeting of the new BA members and was attended by the Board of Basketball Australia , the sport’s State and Territory Presidents and Chief Executive Officers, and the owners of existing National Basketball League teams.

Led by Basketball Australia Board Chairman David Thodey, the participants discussed a broad range of topics including ways to increase grass roots participation, ideas and strategies for realising the commercial opportunities for basketball and potential competition structures that showcase basketball, expand the appeal of the sport and provide development pathways for young players.

In addition, BA presented its business plan for the next four years, which included the sport’s major priorities going forward as well as setting achievable and measureable goals for basketball and its governing body.

“Our stated goal is to grow grass roots participation in the sport and aspire to the model where the elite levels of the sport create opportunities which in concert with the community allow us to invest in the development of our junior athletes,” said Thodey. “The Summit held on the weekend helped us address some of the critical issues that could have stood in the way of achieving that goal, as well as identifying some tactics to allow us to capitalise on our sport’s strengths.”

“There was some very fruitful discussion in particular regarding community engagement, which is an absolutely critical issue for basketball,” Thodey added. “We have over 230,000 registered participants and hundreds of thousands more who play casually, so it’s vital we find ways to engage them across all levels of our sport. However, we still have a number of issues to work through to make sure that the NBL achieves its full potential and we operate as one sport. The NBL is a critical part of our sport.

“Basketball really is the ultimate family game, as reflected in our new branding of ‘Basketball – Everyone’s Game’, and that essential truth is a vital part of how we will position ourselves going forward.”

Thodey said the Summit fostered a new spirit of unity.

“Quite clearly, everyone at the Summit was united by their mutual wish to see the sport of basketball flourish. That common ground should help guide us through the months ahead as we set about revitalising our sport. There have been a lot of important days for our sport in recent months, but the Summit was absolutely imperative to the long-term welfare of basketball.”


Isaac said...

It's a press release from Marc Howard at BA.

John Rillie said...

Cheers Isaac.

Elphinkiller said...

How come Basketball Australia do not see the fans as a key stake holder?

Anonymous said...

^^ Vecause they are a bunch of wankers who don't know shit from sugar.

Heres hoping this new mob of misfits can get thigns going...

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Elphinkiller .

Get into the real world of Basketball mate.

Eric said...

Has grass roots participation really been the problem? 230,000 is only roughly 1% of the population, so it seems this could grow a fair bit. Does anyone have any idea where basketball participation ranks compared to Aussie rules, cricket, netball and soccer? I was always under the impression "grass roots" participation was strong, but maybe that's actually not true.

So the real question is, what is the goal? To get participation increased? Or the NBL in the forefront of everyone's minds to the point where they actually attend games? (or both - assuming one actually leads to the other)

Anyone have any insight into what those critical issues that BA identified at the summit really are? I'm curious as to what the fruitful discussion actually yielded or if it was a bunch of oft-trotted out lip service.