Tuesday, March 3, 2009

College Prospects - Cody Ellis

***A Grand Final Edition of "The OT" is ready for your ears. Enjoy!***

I'm hoping Cody Ellis keeps it to three turnovers per game - Rick Majerus

Now that my oncourt duties are complete for another season I can get back to a blogging project I have put on hold over the last week.

As promised I'm going to give a scouting report on each of the kids who played at the recent U/20 Men's National Championships and will be taking their games over to the USA to compete at the NCAA (college) level in the near future.

First up:

Cody Ellis (PF 202cm) -signed @ St Loius Billekins

There is no doubting that Ellis has talent but he is going to test Billekins Coach Rick Majerus's patience's.

Ellis who averaged 17pts and 7 rebs per contest through the six game tournament should have had better looking stats. I believe Ellis has the ability to own this tournament (a double double at the least) but he was prepared to just see himself float through.

The disappointing aspect for me was his extremely high turnover rate. He tallied 27 over 6 games. This will have Majerus pulling out what hair he has left.

What I like about Ellis' game is he has the ability to stretch the defense with his offensive skill set. Although he shot only 28% from down town during this tourney, his stroke looks much better than this.

I have been told he has a solid low post game, although it was not on display during the week. Ellis settled for the mid range game or facing up on his opponent. He was often much bigger and more skillful than his opponent so he could face up and use his skill.

Billiken fans will be happy to know that his highest score of 23 came against the eventual champs Queensland, whose frontline is littered with fellow Aussies joining the Division 1 ranks.

Some of the Billekin forums have questioned whether Ellis can play on the perimeter? I will say no from what I witnessed. His speed on the perimeter would be exposed.

He has a good feel and understanding of the game but this should not surprise anyone as his family has hoops running through their blood.

Although I was not happy with the "too cool for school" attitude displayed by Ellis he has the potential to help Majerus and the Billekins improve their program.

This kid did have programs such as Wake Forest chasing his signature.

If Ellis buys into Majerus' system and what he is about, his game will grow and prosper as Andrew Bogut's did at Utah. If he doesn't, his talent will go to waste just like fellow countryman Ben Melmeth.


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D.C.E said...

I love your honesty about how Ben Melmeth "wasted" his talent? JR - Who else do you think had the ability to be a great player but never came through?

Anonymous said...

Lyndon Brieffies


There will not be a bad word spoken about Lyndon Brieffies or I will have to layeth the smack down.

AnnonoRuss said...

Haha, big bad Bruce!

Anonymous said...

JR Bout the banners mate. dont green machine rate a mention??? pretty sure they had the biggest banner of the year and flags. we accepted ur challenge and dont rate a mention.

Gary Boodnikoff mate that guy straight in his first year was lighting where ever he went up. leaves sydney has hasnt really come on.

Anonymous said...

Geoff Dowdell he's my age played with him at aus camps was the biggest thing going into perth. big flop..

Anonymous said...

Greg Oden woops forgot this is NBL..

Anonymous said...

andrew rice

Anonymous said...

aaron trahair

John Rillie said...

Green Machine:

We pretty much skimmed the banner comp, just wanted to let people know it was still on.

During next weeks edition when we begin to wrap up the season that was, you guys will rate a huge mention.

There is no doubt that the banner you guys had kicked ass.

So much so Crfino mentioned the website. Hold of on judgement until next week, please.

Anonymous said...

to tell you the truth - i don't rate Ellis very highly... i only saw him play 2 games though - vs Qld and Vic.

He took way too many bad shots and made them all harder for himself - fading, step backs - he is a big body with handles so he should have been taking it to the rack.

PF is not his game

Anonymous said...

So does that mean we won 2 monitors??

#8 Suicide