Monday, March 23, 2009

Nevill & The Utes Done

Will Luke Nevill be the next Aussie in the NBA?

Talk about a tough decision. Since landing in the USA on Thursday, I have had the ability to watch basketball for every waking minute but my blogging time has been effected.

Thanks to the NCAA Tourney and NBA TV I've been getting my fill of both forms of the game.

One minute I'm seeing Jeremy Pargo (Gonzaga) dunk on a skinny red head kid probably from the Mid West (Akron), then with the push of a button I'm checking out silky smooth Ray Allen drop some threes on a porous Memphis Grizzles defense.

But the story of the weekend for me was Luke Nevill's college career is over.

His Utah Utes were defeated in the first round of the NCAA Tourney by the Arizona Wildcats.

I have been following Nevill all season as he is one Aussie that was truly flying under the radar with Pat Mills and AJ Ogilvy dominating the headlines. Nevill responded with being named Defensive and Player of the Year of the Mountain West Conference, while setting a school record in block.

On Friday when the Utes and Wildcats tipped off, you could tell that Arizona's game plan was to shut down Nevill.

Early foul trouble did not help out the Perth native but every time he got a low post touch, Nevill was looking at four Wildcat jerseys the minute he faced the basketball. The Wildcats gave him no breathing room what so ever.

This is one aspect that always sparks the "what's better" to watch debate, NBA or college.

Nevill clearly has an offensive skill set (when he saw single coverage he scored on most occasions) that will allow him to score at will if played straight up, but due to the rules in college he can face a double team way before he has touched the ball.

This is style of defense is not allowed in the NBA.

But give credit to Arizona for their game plan as it was clear the Utes would struggle to score enough points if Nevill was restricted at the offensive end.

Nevill can be proud of what he has achieved in his college career but it is time for him to move onto his next phase in his basketball career.

I mentioned on "The OT" the other day that Nevill could really boost his NBA stock with a couple of solid NCAA tourney games. This was not to happen but Nevill will still get the opportunity to perform at the highest level in the game.

In the upcoming months look for Nevill to workout for many NBA teams and decide where his stock value rates.

In my opinion I believe we will see this Aussie in the NBA for many years to come.

The time has come, I have more live NCAA games to watch, Arizona St and Syracuse is calling me.


Eric said...

Great post JR. Today was another beast of a day games wise. I hope you are right regarding Nev and the NBA. I have to point another thing out; I watched the Utah post game press conference and I have to say I was a little disappointed that he's managed to pick up an American accent. Funnily enough it reminds me a little of an early NBL era-JR. This is especially curious as I don't recall Bogues sounding anything other than "fair dinkum" after his Utah stint. What's your take on this "affliction" JR? How does one go about curing it? ;)

Andrew Bogut said...

JR was just trying to be like Reggie.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Bogut is a wanker.

He dissed the NBLs champions b4 he was drafted into the NBA, Luc Longley, Andrew Gaze and Shane Heal, saying they were "old and slow" compared to him and his game. What an idiot.

Why do we have so much NCAA crap on here too?. Nobody wants to know whats going on with that here in Australia, only people like JR who wish he was in the NCAA or NBA, dream on son with ya fake American accent.

Snoop Wogg said...

Queenslander's would never be understood in the US unless they start trying to sound like Seppo's. Reckon no-one in the US knew what you were saying during your first year, or two, JR...As to Mr Anon, Bogut never dissed our legends, moron. He just set goals and wanted to acheive more and his numbers don't lie. Gaze was no doubt our GOAT, Luc had an outstanding career. Hammer had is moments as well. But AB is blazing a new trail.

And if you don't like JR's blog topics, go elsewhere....

Anonymous said...

Hows Newcastle Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg at his Finest

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg ur pretty sad man,get over it an piss off please.get some balls and say that 2 Bogut's face???

Anonymous said...

i wonder if we can find a youtube clip of an early JR interview with 'Dodgy Accent'?

Anon - i think you have reached a new and dangerous level

DJ Dudd said...

I have a few clips of JR with his wanna bee accent, i will upload them to youtube very soon. FACE!.

Also, I have the footage/interview, where Luc Longley is not very impressed with Andrew Boguts comments about the 3 champions from Aust. FACE X2!.

See, yas think ya know it all, but all you are is Nerds pretending.