Thursday, March 5, 2009

Calvin Talford Edition of "The OT" & News Links

Early in the week we strayed from the norm and launched a Grand Final Edition on our weekly podcast show. This means you the listener gets twice the fun this week as we also did our tradition weekly edition of "The OT" as well.

Times flies when you have fun so this made it episode #24 or as we like to say now, episode Calvin Talford. The one time high flyer for the Hobart Devils graced us with his presences and #24 on his back.

In this edition we talk about all the weekly issues surrounding the sport. Also as captain of the Crocs I get to vote on the end of season awards so I reveal who got my vote in all categories.

Happy listening and remember to e-mail ( me who your all time favourite #25 was so we can dedicate the next edition to a former blast from the past.

News Links

- Adelaide 36ers guard Aaron Bruce wins the NBL's Rookie of the Year award.

If you have listened to the podcast you will have heard Bruce received my votes for this award. In fact I also had Perth's Stephen Weigh second and Cairns' Kerry Williams third. Plain and simple, it was slim pickings this year.

Early pick for next year, St Mary's Lucas Walker.

- "We had him (Robert Rose) in mind when we got (Donta Smith)," Brian Goorjian said last night. (Courtesy of The Herald Sun.)

Was Goorj thinking of bringing Rob Rose in instead of Donta Smith? Click on the link above to see what he was talking about.

- Cairns Taipans former coach Mark Beecroft moves into the front office as their general manager.

- Victoria and South Aussie teams have been finalised for Brett Wheeler's charity game.

- Surprise, surprise, Brian Goorjian asks for more defense.

- Wollongong's ABA team is now gone.

What is happening to sport in this once rich sporting region?

- Shaq and former coach Stan Van Gundy exchange words.

- March Madness has hit us square between the eyes. Here is a full slate of news regarding your favourite conference's tourney schedule. Plus here are some coaches to watch as well.


Dodge Taylor said...

Calvin Talford! Awesome

I was there watching when he dropped 50 against the Bullets. It was a sight to see, it was like his team mates weren't actually getting him the ball enough but he STILL had 50.

That night, it seemed like he just could not miss.

Eric said...

Why are they raising money for Brett Wheeler? Is he ok?

Anonymous said...

Has a incurable liver disease.

DJ Rod said...

Thanks for tuning in lads - 1min or 30secs, they all count as a download.

Thanks for your messages (of support)

Anonymous said...

Stop deleting my comments then if ya cant handle it