Friday, March 20, 2009

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It's always fun traveling and using different modes of transport.

My family and I have finally made it to Phoenix, AZ (we used all the above mentioned modes of transport) and I just had to strap on one (toothpicks in eyes) as the NCAA Tourney was just getting interesting as I nestled into my new couch of the next couple of weeks.

I am rather delirious right now so I will make it short in fear of saying something stupid.

My toughest decision of the day was deciding which game to watch. A barn burner in the tourney, VCU/UCLA or a ripper in the NBA. The Cleveland Cavs and the young Portland Trailblazers.

I love these types of decisions and I cannot wait to wake up in the morning refreshed ready to do it all again.

Look for a more detailed post tomorrow. I will be daisy fresh.

For all you NCAA scores click here.

Oh, check out my boy Pargo(Zags) against Akron.


Eric said...

Yesterday was intense. I faced the same issue JR, except I was engrossed in the AU game, who were in the midst of pulling off a major upset of Nova until they realized who they were and fell off....

Welcome over to the US JR. I don't need any reminding you that from now until June is basketball junkies paradise. The benefit of living on the west coast is that all the games are earlier so you don't have to stay up past midnight every night like we do out on the East Coast.

John Rillie said...

I with you there Eric. Just geting settled for the evening action as we speak. Chat later.

Anonymous said...

Eric and JR are the only people in Australia that are watching this NCAA.


(eg. Joe Ship)

Eric said...

Hey basketball is basketball. No matter if it is VBA/VBL, High school in US or Australia, SEABL, NCAA, NBL, NBA, Olympics or Worlds. There is something about the game at every level that is worth appreciating. Even your local Tuesday night comp, go down and if you watch it closely, I think you see something worthwhile.

To me NCAA is bigger than the olympics, it might be the best sporting event in the world. I just wished I was good enough to play in it back in my day.

Anonymous said...

Most of the top 25 college teams could beat NBL teams on a regular Basis. Much better ball to watch for me!

Eric said...

I dunno about that, although I've often wondered what a full strength NBL champ vs a full strength college champ would be like. It used to be that touring college teams would really challenge and often beat our national teams, but I recall quite a few examples where I have seen big time college programs hammered by touring offseason NBL sides. I lean towards the thinking that the top NBL sides are better rounded than most college teams, who typically ride 1-2 players all the way, often against some pretty mediocre opposition. Would be an interesting scenario to see for sure.

Anonymous said...

So, JR,

Are you going to be in Fed-Ex Forum for tip-off of the Zags Sweet 16 matchup with Carolina? Don't worry, I'm not going to put you on the spot by asking you to confess who's in your bracket to head on to the Elite Eight!

Best regards from ZagNative on