Monday, February 9, 2009

My All Surprise Team

Just a random picture. EJ Rowland in pink. Only in Germany!

As we head into the last round of the regular season, I'm just casting my mind back to what I would not have thought possible at the start of the season.

Here are five guys I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams of having the type of season they did.

Top of the list is Adelaide 36ers Luke Schenscher. The former Georgia Tech centre is averaging close to 11 rebounds per contest. I can believe this part but the most surprising to me is the 17 points per game.

I just felt the NBL style and pace would have created problems for the big red head but after a sluggish start to the season, the 36ers found a way to utilize his much improved touch around the basket.

If you want to be critical at all about his game, you would think at 216cms he may give you a little more than 1.5 blocks per 32 minutes on court.

At the end of the day Schenscher has produced so well I believe he will poll ok in the MVP race.

Anthony Petrie finds his way onto this team because of his workman like attitude towards the game. (Plus anyone from Tenterfield has done well to get this far.)

Petrie has improved in all statistical categories this season but it was his defensive effort on Cairns Taipan Martin Cattalini that really caught my attention.

Petrie had the task of shutting the offensive minded Cattalini down on this particular night. He did more than that. He had Catt-Man thinking more about the one on one battle than what was best for the team.

Besides the "D" Petrie was providing he was efficient on offense and keeping Cattalini busy at his defensive end of the floor.

I believe he will find himself on another team in the near future. His 12 points and 7 rebounds won't hurt his cause either.

Cairns enigmatic centre Ian Crosswhite has surprised me over the past six weeks. There is no way I thought he would ever average a double double over any period of time.

Well Mr Crosswhite proved me wrong. Since Larry Abney, Dave Thomas and Stephen Black have moved on, he has averaged 15 and 10.

He picks his spots and his awkward left hand can cause opposing centres trouble on most nights.

I will have to eat humble pie on this one. Who will pick him up for next season?

Now to a guard. South Dragon Rhys Carter has performed the back up point guard spot for the minor premiers very well.

Carter has always shown he has flair for the game but I think coach Brian Goorjian has finally harnessed a little of this so his play is solid more times than erratic. This shows in his reduced number of turnovers.

At West Sydney he was a turnover waiting to happen as he forced the action too much for my liking. Now he has a respectable 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio.

Now to really win me over he needs to do this for a few seasons in a row.

Last to get the nod is a guy who only got to play half a season, Greg Vanderjagt.

Here is a guy that could not catch a cold in Townsville, but on the Gold Coast he finished everything around the basket. His 60% field goal shooting will support that. Also the big giraffe hauled in 7 rebounds to go with his 11 points in just 19 minutes of playing time.

He went that well that the owner of the Gold Coast Blaze has commented that the only players safe for next year are captain James Harvey and Vanderjagt.

That's a great endorsement to have along with a spot on my team.

There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. Do you agree with my selections? Leave a comment and let me know your choice.
You Tube of the Day - Kelvin Robertson Done.


Snoop Wogg said...

Couldn't agree more with your selections JR, especially the Tenterfield saddler. Our main man in Beijing has been singing his praises for years and its great to see him getting some recognition, as he can go. Would be very surprised he couldn't get a start in the "NBL lite" next year.

Just like a good bottle of wine haha said...

The only surprise about Petrie is that he wasn't picked up about 4 years earlier, before he decided to have a year off playing rugby league. Thank god he decided to come back to the mighty Canberra Gunners to lead us to another 2 SEABL GF's with an all-Aussie, all-amateur team.

He is a great kid, will always give you everything he's got and loves a sunday roast with a bit of Johnnie Cash playing in the background like you wouldn't believe.

He has also played out the last 2 seasons with some pretty bad injuries. Hopefully he can get his body right next year, find a decent club and we will really see the BIG DOG come alive!!