Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Tough Road Is Our Go

Russell Hinder and myself have seen this scenario before.

AT the Crocs this season we've made a habit of putting ourselves in difficult situations and then digging our way out – so why should the semi-finals be any different?

Look back throughout the six months we've been going at it, nothing has come easy.

We had a slow start that had many people questioning our NBL playoff credentials.

Injuries kept getting thrown at us and there were a few off-court distractions as well.

Then when we finished fifth at the end of the regular season we were given no hope heading to Perth to play the Wildcats in an elimination final at `The Jungle'. Yet look where we are. In the semi-finals, two wins away from a grand final. There's nothing tougher than having to fight back from 1-0 down, but, as we've shown, a little bit of adversity doesn't faze the Crocodiles in the slightest.

If anything it will strengthen the team's resolve and we'll come back harder than ever at the South Dragons at The Swamp tonight.

It won't be easy but, as I have said, that is the way us Crocs seem to like it.
I also can't help but draw on past experiences at times like this.

The last team to come back from one game down in a semi-final series was the West Sydney Razorbacks in 2002, a side I just happened to be a part of. And I can assure you, the circumstances of our loss at the Pigs was seemingly far more dire than the situation we face at the Crocodiles.

We went to Melbourne to play the highly rated Tigers with a shocking road record and got annihilated by 21 points.

But, just like we do in Townsville – where we have won our past nine games – West Sydney's home form was excellent and the Razorbacks hit back to level the series.

Once it headed back to Melbourne it was anyone's game, there was nothing to lose, and, really, home-court advantage meant nothing in that situation.

West Sydney were triumphant and progressed to the grand final.

I am certain the Crocodiles can do the same. After all, it's not as if we were completely outplayed at Hisense Arena on Tuesday night.

Townsville controlled large portions of the game and it was more a case of us not cashing in our opportunities that let us down in the end and cost us victory.
When we were up by nine points in the third term we had chances to extend our buffer to as many as 15 and put them out of the game, but we didn't and we were made to pay.

There were 10 determined guys that stepped back into Townsville yesterday afternoon ready to make sure they don't make the same mistake tonight.

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Leanyboy said...

Great fighting spirit shown by the team again tonight JR. Wasn't real pretty but it got the job done. Must be time to fire on all cylinders come saturday night. Good luck for the trip ahead.

Leanyboy said...

I hope all you haters were able to see both Ingles and Worthington leave the court without shaking hands with the victorious crocs team tonight. Maybe too busy "sooking" as some of you may say. Lets just hope you can stand up and show the same amount of disrespect for these two "Un Australian" as you put it current Boomers.

Marc said...
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Anonymous said...

I just like to say how bad a sports Worthington and Ingles were. Worthington was giving us the finger while Ingles ripped my shirt and clapper off me and threw it on the ground. If you can't take a loss then I feel sorry for you, take the good with the bad boys and just enjoy being in this situation as it won't come around every day.

Anonymous said...

Great work in kicking the Dragons tonight. Do it again.


Anonymous said...

ingles. what a dummy spitter. pretty dam funny that he riped your shirt and clapper of you.


i have drummer blisters...haha


DJ Rod said...

were u still drunk when u wrote that?


Michael from Perth said...

What is with all the Perth hate in the blog comments all of a sudden?

All the inane comments about shaking hands and the like could be from Melbourne fans (or Newcastle ex-DJs) for all we know.

I said it before and I'll say it again, I have not met a Perth fan nor seen any comments attributed to such that have not given all credit for the win in Perth to a superior Crocs team. Yes, we were pissed when Corey went "feral" at the end of the game, but it was dealt with on the spot by the "Corey's a Wanker" chant. We had ridden him for the previous four games he had played in Perth and were riding him again all game long in that game, we expected a response as would have Corey when he celebrated. As the fans currently in possession of the "feral" title we love it when we have characters to interact with us and Corey is the biggest character going around at the moment in the NBL.

Also JR himself has not been singled out for criticism by ANY Perth fan after that game. We were all in awe of his shooting display. If you need any proof of this I am reliably informed that some idiot tried to start a "Rillie's a Wanker" chant and the crowd refused to pick it up. JR wasn't doing anything remortely to incite the crowd so we left him alone.

I doubt any of the ongoing crap being spewed about shaking hands is being perpetuated by Perth fans, considering we were some of the most fervent objectors to suggestions of Corey being suspended for his antics.

As to those who have jumped on JR's case, JR shook hands with the players after a one-and-done final and has already explained that he will wait for the conclusion of the series to shake hands with the opposition. Have we really any reason to doubt that he is telling the truth? If you watch the deciding game of the series I will be extremely surprised if you don't see JR shake the opposition players' hands no matter who wins.

DJ Dudd said...

(i leave my real name all the time)

Leanyboy =
To suggest that JR is good enough to play 4 the Boomers is a JOKE.

Ingles and Worthington DO play on the current Boomers side, JR does not. Therefor they got more right to do it and JR is just a sooky child collecting bball cards and watching Reggie Miller tapes allday.

Anonymous post 1 =
great work by Worthington to give u the finger and Ingles ripping your shirt and clapper off ya, bring it on if you want 2 play games they will beat you every time son. And i bet you were giving them shit 1st, this is why they did what they did.

Anonymous post 2 (AF) =
Only idiots take and play drums at games, what a loser.

Michael from Perth =
OMG i didn't even read all your HUGE ASS essay u wrote, get a life mate and channel your madness/anger in the proper direction and not on no Internet board. If you cant/don't, you will be referred to as a nerd or Geek that has no life and cant handle the real world that some of us do actually live in.

My Thoughts =
I hope the Crocs (Cock-Nation) get flogged in Melb, and they will, then that HomOcide can go back to the streets of the Bronx and play ball there so we don't have to put up with his dumb shit he goes on with over here. And hopefully he never comes back to our country ever again.

Reddogg tville baller said...

I don't think leanyboy suggest that JR is good enough for the Australian team. Merely that 2 "boomers" players were to "unaustralian" to shake hands at the end of the game. and that they should cop the same flack that JR did.

if I had time to sit about and play with old ball cards and watch any form of basketball tapes then I would. that's one of the joys of being a pro baller... you have spare time!

im sure anon #1 did give shit to wortho and ingles.. thats his job, but they are professional athletes they should be able to ignore this and walk away, not act like a 10y/o boy and retaliate.

doesn't matter what you take to a game, if your there supporting a team doing your bit, that's called being a "fan" and its what the NBL need a lot more of, if we want the NBL to continue in years to come.

mate, your comment is the same length as Michaels... so who is the nerd or geek there?

Michael bought up all valid points. its a shame people are pointing the finger at Perth when the "anon" may very well be from NZ for all we know.

my opinion; being a crocs fan I want the crocs to win. but Im pretty sure it will be a good game to watch as now both teams lives are on the line,so all players hearts will be on their sleeves. i am however disappoint that fox sports can not even play a NBL Semi-final elimination game live. both games have proven to be high quality and very good to watch. but no lets watch ROUND 2 of the flipping super league...

Anonymous said...

Dj dudd - your just jealous of my drumming skills! im the best drumer ull ever see! im MADCORE - i even got blisters from my performance! :) rock n roll.

keep being duddy Dj Dudd.

DJ Dudd said...

Quote by DJ Rod "I am VERY biased but I think the Crocs should have won game 1 and will take this game by 4" = LMAO HAHAHAHAHAAHA. They were not even in game 1, never were, and yes a good win in 2, but game 3, expect a BLOW OUT and HomOcide to go home sooking like JR did. Now get back to your wedding DJing lol, weddings a crap gigs to have lol, try a Party or Nite Club gig, that's real DJs.

It is NOT anon #1's job to "heckle". Go try "heckling" them when they get out of the chamge rooms or in the general public, they will kick your head off its shoulders. Heckling is not a job, and its a childish thing to do. Management of NBL teams don't support this 1 bit, just ask them.

Let me know how you go after heckling a player in real life or on the street after the game.

DJ Rod said...

Do you seriously call yourself DJ Dudd?

Don't get me wrong, I like it. It suits!!!

dizzle said...

hey jr.
well done on a victorious game 2. hope you guys can win it all this year mate.

also. wanted to let you know the boy you were hyping earlier this season - angus brandt has committed to oregon state, along with my good friend rhys murphy. Hopefully they can lead the beavers and coach robinson (obama bro-in-law) to a pac-10 championship before they graduate!

DJ Dudd said...


The Crocs got FLOGGED 2NITE, catch you 2morrow, oh, hang on, THERE IS NO 2MORROW 4 THEM their season is OVER. hahahahahahaha. The "T.O." was right, all day, Melb and Sth Melb Grand final (here's the proof = )

Now HomOcide can go back to Rucker Park and talk the smack he was in Perth. How comes HomOcide didnt take off his singlet and run around like a tool 2nite?. Hrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm.

And DJ Rod better check his coach (ask him if ya like0 that his 1st CHOICE of teams to coach when he 1st got into Australia was THE HUNTER PIRATES. Nice to know the Crocs are his 2nd choice. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i was laughing at that statement too ("Crocs by 4"). He maybe was being Bias, or wishful thinking for his team he supports. Shows his true knowledge 4 the game.

J-Foxxx said...

The "T.O." wins again. Best NBL Show on the Internet.

Great game 2night, love the blow out.

Corey Williams FG 3/12 3Pt 0/1 FT 4/8 PTS 10 ORB 4 DRB 3 PF 3 TR 7 3 AST 3 TO 4 BS 0 ST 0 36:43mins Rucker Prk Moves 49867 Bronx 3762 Hogs 27863487 Air Balls 3 Dumb Moves 37846587 Smack Talking 48734786.

Leannyboy said...

Its time 4 JR to retire. 5 from 14 attempts. the show is over son. It was a total fluke that u got those 10 3s, heck give me the ball and i will jack them up and get more than 10 3s in a finals game.

DJ Rod, dont be angry at them cause you lost -

Mark said...

you do notice J foxxxxxxxx that you've had to wait all this time to be smack talking homocide. One game from the grand final you know. Must have been hard waiting that long for us to actually be taken out of the title race.