Wednesday, February 4, 2009

May Be My Last Blog For A While

We are now 24 hrs on from this photo and the sign is submerged in water now. HELP!

Over the past 48hrs Townsville has seen ran like it hasn't seen in years. The worst flooding in 30 years to be exact.

So I have been surfing the net for a few hours since Rod and I finished our latest edition of "The OT" (will be available sometime tomorrow) but I thought I will provide you with all the latest hoop news before I head to bed.

Who knows what the story will be when I wake in the morning or start floating down the river during the night. (See video for evidence, I'm not storytelling for once.)

I'll see you when I see you, but until then enjoy the news.

- Crocs players involved in incident.

- Ian Crosswhite, Dwayne Vale and Rosell Ellis to face NBL Tribunal.

- You can stick a fork in the Hawks now. More on the situation.

- Cairns are building momentum in trying to stay alive, but they need a little more help.

- James Harvey of the Gold Coast Blaze is the NBL's POW.

- NBL's podcast writes off the Crocs and everyone else besides the two Melbourne teams. Anyone surprised by this?

Hope I'm back in contact with you guys tomorrow, otherwise see you when I'm dry.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm floods JR lets go fishing ;)

guess who?