Friday, February 13, 2009

News and Notes

If you want to tune into the Melbourne/Perth game, click here.

Campbell and Sav got to finish their careers in Wollongong off in style.

Here's some news to kick start your Saturday.

- Let's take a look at some of the stories that centred around the Wollongong Hawks playing there very last home game at the 'Sand Pit".

Hawks leave fans with lasting impression. They defeat the Adelaide 36ers. boxscore

Hawks Mat Campbell and Glen Saville to receive honour.

877 games later, and it's all over for the Hawks.

- Newcastle just going to have a look at NBL meeting.

- If you want to keep a close eye on the Melbourne Tigers clash with the Perth Wildcats, click here and you should be able to listen to the Saturday night contest.

- Sydney Spirit donate their final pay to the fire victims. Well done boys.

- Local kid could make it hard for the Perth Wildcats to taste victory against the Melbourne Tigers.

- Gold Coast Blaze import Luke Whitehead talks about his hot rebounding of late.
- Bleacher Report gives us his top ten draft classes from the NBA.

- Shane Heal is ready to coach his daughters.

Just throwing out ideas for the new NBL marketing department.


Krint said...

Be great to see the Falcons back in the NBL. Would like to see the Cannons, Devils,Kings also.
Just hope they get to use their old names,still spewin that the Gold Coast didnt use the 'Rollers' name.

Anonymous said...

yeah I used to love the rollers b4 the Suns came into the league!

Daniel said...

Yes we do need a team in Newcastle, but if there was, it would only last a few seasons, just like the Pirates, then it will be gone again.

We could raise all the money you want 4 the up-coming season ahead, but survival wont happen, next year we will be scraping the bottom of the barrel and just meeting deadlins, thats not good enough.

Newcastle can not support a team, this town is a footy town that drinks VB and eats meat pies in the rain, Newy is scaired of chamge, and brining back an NBL team is a big change 4 them yobbos.

Some of the scammers around like Butch Hayes and Jeff Blandon will ruin it 4 the good people like from Newcastle Basketball Acc. I really like Clint Doggs announcing and DJing at the games, I also went to the club he was playing at after every home game.

Put a team in yeah, but 2 or 3 seasons later, it will be gone again because we can not support a team in this town atm.

DJ Dudd said...

Yeah bring back the Kings, Cannons, Falcons, Hawks, Rollers, Bullets, Devils, Supercats and all the other teams that folded. Put them in the same league as the 1s we got now, but with an extra import to compete, but with different guidelines as to the salarycap, but keep the cap the same 4 current teams. It wont matter if these teams get flogged the 1st few years, at least it will be a National league, and not just the richest teams in the land. Foundation teams with their own stadiums so they can rake in the profits and not have to pay to host games like the current teams do now.

Anonymous said...

hey jr when u pack ur bags for perth MAKE SURE U PACK SOME SHOTS TO TAKE IN PERTH PLEASE

Anonymous said...

jr take to game to perth with u please

Anonymous said...

shot the rock in perth if we want to win jr

Anonymous said...

It will be the last game 4 the Crocs tonight according to The "T.O" #2.