Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"The OT" Early Edition

Due to my road game against the Melbourne Tigers, "The OT" has been recorded a little earlier this week. Hope you like the sound of that.

This week our guest is Wollongong Hawk legend Glen Saville. He drops by and talks about the Hawks last game, who has dunked on him the best, where Dwayne Wade actually hit him during the Olympic Games and why he groped a mascot at a recent Hawks home game.

Also in this episode we discuss the hot topics around the league and another coach drops by "The OT".



Me said...

Get Rid of DJ Rod.

One of his worst efforts this week, i didnt even listen to the whole thing i switched it off after his voice annoyed me and made my ears bleed. Pretty much like i do most weeks, some i dont even bother.

Anonymous said...

well if u dont like it piss off jackass its that easy.so this is ur 10th name c-dog get a life

J-Foxxx said...

yeah same here.

Dont they get it, hes not good 1 little bit. What a nerdy voice hes got.

Anonymous said...

I agree, DJ Rod ruins this show.

Dan Patrick said...

I'm pretty sure two overweight guys with a poster collection of NBL players from the 90's and that make lame ass "Mark Morrison mix tapes" are the Nerds.

Judging by your youtube views of your clips, your "shiz is blowin' up"! No one in Newcastle even knows who you both are.

J & Clint I think you both need to check back into that hospital you both came from recently, as you guys have some serious issues.

With your next Centrelink disability payment cheque you guys should get a gym membership and some clothes that aren't from the salvos, or do you both still spend all your money on basketball cards like you did "back in the day with your boys Rod Johnson & Ben Melmeth"?

Do everyone a favour and disappear, you are both a joke.

Dan Patrick Fan said...

Piss Off Clint Dogg. The world already has Eminem.

J-Coxxx said...

J-Foxxx said...
yeah same here.

Dont they get it, hes not good 1 little bit. What a nerdy voice hes got.

He s not good one little bit...hahahahhahahaahhaahha
Terrible use of the Queens english..I guess you are like a rapper...
What year did you drop out of school?

Anonymous said...

dj rod - your voice revs my engineeeee!

charlie doyle.

mookie said...

Clitt-Dogg, remember what happened to Vanilla Ice?

Yeah, noone else does either.

Anonymous said...

All these negative comments about J-Foxxx and Clint Dogg, imagine the positive comments, 2% of negative comments means 75% actually like them.

Grow up little boys and work it out 4 yaself.

Clint Dogg and J-Foxxx 4 LIFE!.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i never liked this show anyways.

Its pretty much geek talk.

Please, produce no more of these OTs and the world will be a better place.

Michael from Perth said...

It is becoming a weekly occurence to view the comments on The OT and see negative comments from the same two people. If you hate it so much why don't you spend some more time on C-Dogg's You Tube videos for the 10 people who watch them and leave the Top 10 itunes podcast (in the category other sports) to those who do love it?

Alternatively keep downloading it and keeping it in the Top 10.

Another great show guys.

I'm still a bit embarassed about the Brad Davidson stuff up.