Sunday, February 1, 2009

Global Coverage & News From Home

Can you help Mookie identify these Aussies?

While I have been busy draining some threes against our northern rivals, the Cairns Taipans, it has been impossible for me to keep up with everything that has been happening in our great sport.

To bring you up to speed, let's take a look at what other bloggers have found interesting.

- Mookie my man over at A Stern Warning is all over the NBA.

First he takes a look at the Los Angles Lakers and centre Andrew Bynum's injury that occurred today. How much will this hurt the Lakers chances of another title run.

Then he finds a ripper interview of Shaquille O'Neil with Stephen A Smith. As usual Shaq holds court and talks about himself and Kobe's relationship and how it's all "about the marketing baby".

Finally, there are a group of Aussie puntas (above) that Mookie is trying to track down. They have become stars on American TV. Let us know if you know any of these guys.

- The Basketball Professor takes a look at who will be filling the NBA All-Star benches.

- NBA Mate brings us up to speed with what is happening with the new Ch10 sports channel. Could it be possible we will see multiple games per week?

- With the NBA AllStar game not to far away from hitting Phoenix, The Sport Count us with their nine worst ever All Stars.

- "I was scared, man," said Nathan Jawai, the Raptors' seldom used forward. "I thought I was going to get fined [for being late]."

Click here to find out why Jawai felt he was going to be lighter in the pocket.

- After being stuck in Moscow for a few days early in the week, Brad Newley made it back to Greece as his team beat POAK.

- Here is a full menu of college scores from games played today. Check out how your favourite Aussie went today.

Now to NBL News

- Where have the Breakers gone? The local media is starting to ask questions about their team.

- "It was as hot as hell out there," Adelaide coach Scott Ninnis said.

Is Ninnis talking about the one time during the week he got out of his air conditioned office and tried to exercise? Find out here.

- Looking for the boxscores from the past weekend's action, click here.

- And yes, here is the ladder.


Anonymous said...

do you ever actually blog about anything? Or just copy and paste from all over the internet? Trusty google gets done what you give us. Or I could go and read the world's best basketball blogger on Yahoo Sports every day of the week who actually writes about something.

Anonymous said...

u dont like dont come u moron

Anonymous said...

You got a mention in this article. It's dated from December.

John Rillie said...

I will post this article in the coming days. Cheers and good searching.