Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 1 of the Under 20 Champs

Ryan Broekhoff - my player of the day (POD) from the u/20 national champs.

I attended three of the four men's games today and they were all pretty much blow outs. The closest game of the day was the night cap which saw Western Australia take on South Australia. (all boxscores here)

What I learnt from this game is there is no second coming of Brett Maher in the near future for South Aussies and Rick Majerus will have Cody Ellis playing in a higher gear.

As this is the first time I have seen most of these kids play I will just comment on a few of the individuals that played through out the games.

Ryan Broekhoff: The star of the day. This Valparaiso bound guard has a genuine stroke from deep and he showed it from the minute he entered the building today.

He finished with 29pts on 11-14 shooting including 3-4 from deep.

I'm sure this guy may have been able to play at a bigger school but he would have only become a spot up shooter. By going to Valpo he will be able to work on becoming an all round player.

Jason Cadee (NSW): This kid has basketball in his blood. Both parents have played at the highest level in this country, so you know the kid has savvy.

He has the ability to work the pick and roll to perfection as he has the ability to knock down the three or make the pass to the big man rolling. I have yet to see any other kid who can run the pick and roll and look confident in pulling the trigger from deep.

I'll keep you up to date on how Cadee handles himself against the better opposition as the week progresses.

Shane Harris-Tunks (NSW): This big man will be attending Colorado next year where he will join fellow Aussie Nate Tomlinson in the Big 12 Conference.

Today was not much of a gauge as Oceania is getting used to playing at this level. Harris-Tunks needs to active on the glass if his team is to give this championship a shake.

Brock Motum: This Washington St signee looked effective without breaking a real sweat today. His 26pts and 8rebs came at an efficient clip (11/11 fg's).

I'm sure what has the Cougars coaching staff salivating is the trouble this 206cm power forward can create on the defensive end. His wing span looks a healthy one and at the top of a press he can cause trouble for many a point guard.

Rumour has it Motum has tied both mine and Steve Nash's free throw challenge. Only trouble is we need evidence big fella, otherwise it is just a rumour!

Mitchell Young: I know it is only one game, but I like what I saw and I'm sure St Mary's and Randy Bennett will love him to.

This rock solid power forward is not fancy, but just has a knack of getting the job done. His 20pts and 9rebs is just 20 minutes support my argument well.

I will get a better read on his ability when Queensland and Victoria go at it.

Jorden Page: Another Aussie joining AIS II aka St Mary's. I can see where he will fit in with the Gaels fast paced offense. When Page gets it, he is gone.

I'm sure Bennett will harness a little of Page's game as he had 4 to's and 1 assist against an ACT defense that did not scare my 4yo son.

He has speed and you cannot teach that, but he will need to work on his ability to control the tempo for his team better.

Matthew Dellavedova: While I'm on my St Mary's run, I will comment on Dellavedova.

He plays composed and under control all the time and coaches love that. He has a good feel for the game and always found the open man whether in transition or in a half court set.

It will surprise me if this kid does not have a solid college career. I will watch with interest during the tournament to see how his jump shot looks.

Cody Ellis: St Louis bound Ellis had a lazy 21pts and 12 rebs and 7to's today. I never witnessed him getting out of a jog and he hit the big baskets when his team needed a little buffer. Enjoy this while you can Cody.

Rick Majerus, the guy you are going to play for, will have you running to class let alone at practice.

Ellis has a great feel for the game and at times played a power point role when South Australia went to a half court press. But at times he was very loose with the ball which reflects in his 7 to's.

My message to him would be, you need to snap out of this and play at a higher intensity level all the time otherise you will be spending a lot of extra time with Mr Majerus.

I need to see Ellis up against some legit size and competition to make an honest evaluation though.

Matt Hodgson: The Southern Utah bound Queenslander will become a monster on the boards. Listed a 6-10" and a wing span to match he will become quite an intimidator on defense.

When the Maroons went to a zone today and he stretch out those wings it seemed like the keyway was armed.

Solid pick up by the small Utah School.

Liam McInerny: This workman like 6-7" power forward will be attending Stetson next year.

Not as talented as Young but in a similar mold. He has a nose for the ball around the basket and has no trouble finishing. Seems to play well within himself, something that coaches love about these types of players.

Let me know if there is anyone else you would like me to scout. I will be heading out there next on Thursday. Until then I have my own game against the Perth Wildcats to worry about.


Anonymous said...

The "T.O" #2.

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Anonymous said...

Is this Clint Dogg guy serious? Or is this a joke? Someone please help?

Anonymous said...

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Stop wasting our time seriously...

Anonymous said...

ClintDogg = Prime of Example of a Coneheaded Sepo Wannabe. Your not American mate wake up and realise it one mourning...or afternoon I bet!!

DJ Rod said...

I'd love to hear your opinion of Damon Heuir and also the coaching of Shane Froling...

DJ Dudd said...

Im sorry but that is not C-Dogg posting that at all.

nice try little kids.

Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg is Half American anyways.

His mother was born there.

I dont see him acting like that, if it is, it just comes off as being really cool to me.

Anonymous said...

The "T.O" #2.

a better show than the OT.

Anonymous said...

The "T.O" #2.

a better show than the OT.

Anonymous said...

He is half american cause his mother was born there...Is that why he talks American and thinks he is black?...Oh k fair valid point then....makes sense....

Anonymous said...

I would like you to have a look at Igor Nujic. Kid from W.A who was a surprise ais scholarship recipient this year. He is playing for ACT at the championships tho.

Reddogg - tville baller said...

I watched Qld V ACT on sunday. Qld won by 30+ i think. Igor Nujic was the only player that really stood out for me from ACT, Felt the coach didnt use him very well though, spent long periods on the bench.
When he was on and had the ball, Qld didnt seemed to be able to stop him getting to the hoop. good prospect.

Qld played Vic this afternoon, Vic supposed the be qlds toughest match up... qld won by 30

John Rillie said...

Igor Nujic:

I like what I saw from the kid. Good player on a bad team. I would like to see how he would slot into a better team.

I will be checking out some more games later in the week so I will hopefully get a better feel for the kid's game.

As I said, he looks very solid but on a bad team so it is a little hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

THe reason Igor Nujic isnt playing for WA is cos he had surgery last year, and still hasnt fully recovered, so they didnt want to risk him. SO ACT could pick him up.

So thats why he isnt playing 40 minutes a game. he trained once or twice with the ACT team, but the coach did say him at 70-80% was better than anything else on offer

Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading your comments on the games so far
as I am unable to watch myself
looking forward for more later in the week especially the vic games

Anonymous said...

NSW pumped vic by around 20 tonight.

QLD got up by about 10-12 against WA. tough game. little scrappy.

NSW v QLD final.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

I was at the Nationals so I found your comments about certain players interesting.

I also saw that you spent a lot of time talking to Cadee's dad and most of your blog was about how good he is. It's one thing to be a good player but it's another in the way you carry yourself, how your team mates feel about you and your peers?

His stats were impressive but it does help when you get to play the whole game, have the green light to do as you please without being accountable for your actions when others were benched for taking a bad shot.

Don't get me wrong, I think he is a good player. But it would have been nicer if he was more of a team player.

Well done to QLD for winning the bronze and to all the other teams who filled the other places in both the mens, womens and Ivor Burge competitions.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant QLD winning the gold, sorry boys.

Anonymous said...

What were your thoughts on Claybrin McMath, Dwayne Radcliff, Bryce Arnott, Ryan Broekhoff, Matt Della Vedova, Todd Blanchfield, Jeromie Hill, Cody Ellis, Ryan Godfrey, Shane Harris-Tunks, Brock Motum and Mitch Young now that the Nationals are over?

Anonymous said...

Also Brad Simpson, Sean Mullan and Christian Salecich?

And who do you think should be picked for the Australian under 19 Emus team to play at the Worlds in July?