Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tough Weekend For A Few Crocs

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The past weekend held some interesting revelations for the Crocs as a team and for a few of us individually.

The weekend started off with a bang after a fantastic win over the league leading South Dragons. The taste of victory was soured, however by the loss of Kelvin Robertson for the remainder of the season to a knee injury. Last I heard, Kel is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair his ACL on Thursday.

Avid Croc fans will understand how important this guy is to our team. Kelvin can open up a game by coming in and dropping a couple of long range bombs in a matter of minutes or with his sheer speed. He has the uncanny ability to cause oppositions headaches from the bench when he finds his rhythm.

On a personal level, watching a teammate go down with an injury of this type is never easy. From a team standpoint, losing Kel at this stage of the season is equally as difficult.

Obviously we seem to have picked things up as a team in the last few weeks and everyone looked to have discovered what he needed to do to get us over the line. We had found a bit of momentum at what appeared to be just the right time and were ready to make some noise heading into the playoffs.

Something about not having Kel come along for the ride just doesn’t seem right.

On a lighter note, however. Other members of the team ran into some rather unfortunate obstacles this weekend, it would appear.

Unless you have been in a coma for the past month, you would be aware of just how much rain has been around town. Any sensible person would also know that a bit of extra care would be required behind the wheel of a car, especially at night.

If what I am hearing through the grape vine is true, assistant coach Rohan Short may have some further explaining to do. I have it on good authority that Shorty was seen pushing his car in his jocks out of a large pool of water on Saturday night somewhere near Murray stadium.

Hmmm,…Who would have guessed that there may be a little water on the road?

Just wait,…there is more. Just a matter of hours after Shorty’s car was removed from the scene, Daniel Egan came driving along the same stretch and it was like Groundhog Day all over again.

Apparently Coach neglected to pass on the news of the potential water hazard to the rest of the team out at the stadium.

Unfortunately for Daniel, a local television crew was there to catch him pushing his car to dry land. And from the footage I saw, he managed to keep his pants on while throughout the event, unlike Short.

Now even someone as relentless and unforgiving as myself does understand that things like this can happen to even the best of us, especially on the dark streets around Murray Stadium. But I did have to ask one question,… “Is it coincidence that both these guys are Victorian,”? Food for thought.

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mookie said...

Keep dry up there JR.

And to those in Victoria amidst the bushfires, my thoughts go out to you.

Anonymous said...

JR..... The Silver Fox wont be happy with this ...

John Rillie said...

Silver Fox will see the silver lining to this story

John Rillie said...

Thanks Mookie