Thursday, February 19, 2009


You can't stop this, you can only hope to contain.

Perth Wildcats coach Conner Henry said he was disappointed with the space his team afforded John Rillie.
"He was getting free and finding cracks and once he hits one 30-footer it's on," Henry said.

"He's been doing that in this league for a long time.

"How old is he? He's got to be 48, and we got beat by a 48-year-old three-point shooter.

"Hats off to John. I like John and he's a good player, but I'm disappointed in how we defended him." Courtesy of AAP.

- They (the crowd) were giving it all night weren’t they, the old Aussie chant ’Corey’s a wanker’ and all that kind of stuff," said the owner of this blog. Too find out what I'm talking about, click here.

- One last article about our great win, but from a Townsville angle.

We have a Monitor WINNER!

For all those people who were a little uncertain about our banner comp, this is all it took to win. It is actually depressing that I have to give it to Russell Hinder.

Thanks to for their generous donation. People, there are more up for grabs throughout the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Rusty on the monitor win, if only there was a game on TV in Townsville during the comp, the Green Machine would of blitzed it home.

DJ Rod said...

There are still 2 more monitors to win!!! Melbourne, NZ and Townsville all have opportunities. Seriously - if Rusty can do it...

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants them.

Cause they dont listen to your wackass show it sux.

Anonymous said...

oi ladys stop ur bitching,WATCH FOX ON 22RD 24TH 26TH,PERTH WONT BE ON BABY

Michael from Perth said...

I would be very surprised if any of the comments made below are from Perth fans as I haven't heard anything but praise for the Crocs from every fan I have talked to or read comments from.

Corey is a great character and he got a bit carried away with his exuberance at winning. He got a reprimand for language and that was all that was warranted.

John Rillie said...

Thanks for bringing some sense to the table Mike. You are a champion fan for the sport.

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you throughout the rest of the playoffs.

D.C.E said...

I just want to bitch about the fox sports web site. Here in the US, we can't see ANY of the video highlights. I know it's not due to restrictions in content because the is NO NBL shown outside of Australia and NZ to my knowledge (maybe a little in Asia but I don't see how that would effect content restrictions here) JR can you post highlights of all the games on your site so we can actually get some footage, I cant see the Breakers destruction of the 36ers anywhere.

I know you can watch NBA content on ESPN in Australia so what's the deal fox sports?

DJ Rod said...


D.C.E said...

Cheers Roddy