Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kobe vs LeBron

Over the past week New York Knick fans have witnessed two of the best performances ever on their home floor, the famous Madison Square Garden. The only trouble was neither performance was from one of their own.

First it was Kobe Bryant that lit them up for a record setting 61 points, beating Bernard King's old mark of 60. King's record has stood for 24 years.

Two nights later, enter LeBron James. Lebron dropped 52 on the Knicks as J-Zay watched his buddy destroy the Big Apple's team.

To go along with his half century of points, James was originally credited with a triple double (52pts, 11asts, 10rebs). No one since Kareem Abdul-Jabber in 1975 had recorded a TD which included dropping 50 plus points.

Later, the tape was reviewed and James was no credited with the triple double. His final rebound in the dying seconds has since been rewarded to Ben Wallace.

Both performances are worthy of the attention they have generated but I believe that Kobe's is the better performance.

Sure, I'm a little bias towards Kobe, but he set a record. This was the best scoring performance ever at the famed MSG.

Here are some highlights of both efforts. Let me know which one you think is worthy of top billing.




Anonymous said...

any update on Kelvin??

Glockers said...

Hey JR, I was at both games - Kobe's was way more impressive because of how insanely hot he was. He also sat significant stretches of the game. But Lebron's all round skll was mind blowing - so athletic and so strong at the same time. it is unfair. I will be posting pics from both games.

Already have posted pics from a Celtics game I attended.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the ABC double header (Spurs and Celtics was the first game). Too bad Kobe was sick, although LeBron seems to struggle when he plays LA lately.

Anonymous said...

kobe is just so pretty to watch and so skilled...where as lebron is just to big / to strong / to one can really match up on him.

Anonymous said...

Jordan still kicks both there asses!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and an English teacher kicks yours! Will someone teach this fool the correct use of the word there/their?

Anonymous said...

He aint no fool this time - Jordan would kick both of THEIR asses!

but I have seen Kobe live - he is amazing! He scored 40 on the Suns in OT the same night Marbury hit 40 for the Suns.

He was deadset toying with them.

I do believe LeBron is better... more all round player. He is still getting better too - I think Kobe is at his peak.

Dodgey Accent Girl said...

I HATE KOBE!!!!!!!

And there will never be another Jordan.

Anonymous said...

who votes we bring the dodgy accent girl back to The OT?

Brandon said...

On the court its a toss-up? Who would you rather take on your team? I'd probably pick Lebron because he gets his team involved more and can defend all 5 positions. I found an article with all their stats and awards. Its a close call. Take a look

inspiredworlds said...

both games were impressive. arguably lebron's was better because of the all -round game, more assists and rebounds. kobe had 3 assists and zero rebounds. i agree that kobe is at the peak of his powers, and the scary thing is lebron keeps getting better.