Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brad Newley Joins Us On "The OT"

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The latest episode of "The OT" has landed. Brad Newley joins us from Greece. He tells us about the European way to play the game and how he hopes to join the Houston Rockets, sooner rather than later.

Besides Newley, we look at this week's games and discuss all the hot topics around the NBL.


Anonymous said...

Newley is not going to the Rockets. Never will either.

I like this version of the OT better -

Michael from Perth said...

When do we get to hear the winning captions from this comp: ?

Michael from Perth said...

Anon1 (aka Clint Dogg, J-Foxxx, NBLonUtube, Clint's Crew etc)

Maybe you didn't realise but there is already a program called The TO with Hulk Hogan and Grand Master Funk, so you are a little behind the times.

DJ Rod said...

A little?

He still uses the word 'booyah' - that went out with Hangin With Mr Cooper in about 1995!!!

Michael from Perth said...

Or otherwise Clint is a closet Kim Possible viewer :D

By the way Rod I answered both questions on this weeks show last night. If you still need the answers message me on Facebook ;)

Anonymous said...

What ever the hell that T.O was, it wasn't good. I know that much. The biggest waste of time ever spent on the internet, i would like my 5 minutes back, PLEASE!

As for DJ ROD, hes doing a great job, i think you two guys are jealous he gets to hang out with a personality while you guys hold hands with each other and reminisce on your previous experiences with Kruger and the like.

Derek said...

Booyah was around WAAAAAAAAAAAY B4 Hanging With Mr. Cooper, now whgos way behind the time huh?.

Get with it. Do some research on it.

Miles Pearce from Sydney (not the ex-baller) said...

DJ Rod ruins that OT show.


Cant you tell just by listening toi him on the radio show?. He sounds so gay and like a nerd that has a very good face 4 radio.

His voice is weird and annoys every1 when he talks, get a proper announcers voice, yes im sorry, you ONLY play music, not use the mic at games like other have and continue to do so.

John Rillie said...

I do the deleting of posts around here. I have nothing to hide. I will leave all posts up but the minute that colourful language comes out, it has to go.


Krint said...

Is that 'Bluey' from the movie Chopper with C-Dogg?!!

Bluey said...

Yeah thats me.

So watch ya back.

John Rillie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Clint Dogg, J-Foxxx, NBLonUtube, Clint's Crew. piss off if u dont like it,u must have a great life if ur coming back 100times a day,ur boyfriend is callin u better get back on ur hands a knees for him

Anonymous said...





all of the above = clint dogg (with a double g) cut the rot.

AJF. (townsville tigers) aka bouncers.

holla at cha boi!!!!

over & out.

ant dogg. (with a double g)


Anonymous said...

the OT is doing a great job. keep the negative stuff to yourselves.

Anonymous said...

i love you dj rod

Dodgey Accent Girl said...

me too, DJRod. xx

Anonymous said...

Who's Leon?

Anonymous said...

J-Foxx, Clint Dogg and clint's crew go have a massive homo orgy u poofs. DJ Rod keep doin ur thing..
Charlie Doyle Represent..